Port of Kingston to celebrate 100 years on Saturday

A once-in-a-lifetime event will be kicking off at the Port of Kingston this Saturday as the port celebrates its centennial anniversary with an incredible all day event for all ages.

The day will kick off at 7 a.m. with a pancake breakfast at the Kingston Cove Yacht Club. More than 40 vendors and booths will be on site for the Kingston Public Market at Mike Wallace Park.

Some of the vendors will provide a look into the port’s unique history, particularly as it pertains to rum-running during Prohibition. Adults 21 and over can grab a drink at the Beach Cove Bar tent.

There will be activities for kids of all ages hosted by the Kiwanis Club and the Kingston High School Honor Society at Kiwanis Park.

Classic cars will be on display across the street from the Kingston Cove Yacht Club for those that want to take a trip back into the days of soda shops and old-time rock n’ roll.

Speaking of rock n’ roll, Deseo Carmen, The Tropics and Freddy Pink will be playing live music throughout the day.

“We are so excited about this!” said Harbormaster Ray Carpenter. “It’s going to be a family and history-rich event that shows just how fun Kingston can be.”