Keeping the theater running, brick by brick

Poulsbo Players veteran raising money for the

Poulsbo Players veteran raising money for the

Jewel Box.

POULSBO — Jacquie Svidran has been involved in Little Norway’s community theater scene ever since she joined the Poulsbo Players back in the 1960s.

She’s seen the theater rise and fall, and rise again in Poulsbo, on account of financial strains, massive amounts of man hours and the day-to-day logistics of a largely volunteer-run organization.

“We crawled and then we were walking and now we’re up and running,” Svidran said.

But even when a theater is up-and-running, it still takes a significant amount of money and resources to keep it running. While the Jewel Box has a fairly solid core of volunteers consistently tending to the theater’s logistics, financial assistance is always in need. Especially in economic times like these.

So Svidran — at age 81, largely retired from community theater — is still involved, selling bricks at $500 apiece, for wall-of-support type fundraising, project at the Jewel Box.

She’s sold 73 thus far.

She’s hoping to unveil the wall by the final run of “Play It Again, Sam,” Oct. 11.

For those interested in buying a brick, contact Svidran at (360) 620-1106, call the Jewel Box at (360) 799-9988 or come out to the show.