Instrumental quintet electrifies Space Craft

When a band references a theorist in their self-composed bio, you know you’re dealing with some intellectuals.

Trimtrab, Space Craft’s first January billing, is the concept of guitarist Jason Goessl, who being heavily influenced by the ideas of Buckminster Fuller, saw an intrinsic link between architecture and musical form — a link he sought to express in sound. Initially from Minneapolis, Goessl moved west to Seattle and enlisted bassist Phil Cali and drummer Brian Oppel for his melodic mission.

Sweeping dynamic changes, woven through hypnotic musical tensions, all set against persistent grooves, the music of Trimtab is a unique blend of the concrete and the sonic, the physical and the ephemeral. There is a unique gravitational pull in their music, much like the unseen forces that send skyscrapers into the heavens and lift bridges across impossible expanses. Trimtrab will be joined by Scott james from The Now Device on visuals.

Moraine, the second act, is a shape-shifting Seattle-based instrumental quintet led by guitarist Dennis Rea and featuring ace instrumentalists Alicia DeJoie (violin), James DeJoie (woodwinds), Kevin Millard (bass), and Brian Oppel (drums). Described by Merriam-Webster as “an accumulation of earth and stones carried and finally deposited by a glacier,” Moraine has quickly built a reputation as one of the most electrifying and original instrumental rock bands anywhere, winning over listeners around the globe with its unique amalgam of art rock, forward-thinking jazz and Asian influences.

The concert begins at 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 21 at Rolling Bay Hall. Tickets, $12 in advance, can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets.