‘Gobblefest’ concert to benefit Helpline House

A foursome of local bands will share the stage at Rolling Bay Hall on Saturday, Nov. 4 as part of “Gobblefest Bainbridge 2017,” a sonic fundraiser to support Helpline House.

It is the first of several such shows this year organized by Bainbridge-based tunesmith Brian Feldtman, supporting local food charities.

The show will go from 6 to 10 p.m., with a food truck and beer/wine garden. All ages are welcome.

The performers are: 4 Sheets to the Wind, a “Grateful Deadish” musical group, Feldtman said. Also, Ocean Men, a “surf rock” group. Out of Order, who perform “deep cut classic rock and blues,” and The Pimps of Salvation, who specialize in “high energy rock,” which includes Feldtman himself.

The returning fundraiser series was born out of a simple birthday wish, Feldtman said.

“I’m a semi-pro musician who has lived on Bainbridge Island since 1996,” he said.

“When I turned 50 in December 2009, my only request was to play a one-night show with every band I’d ever been in. I’ve been playing in bands on and off since 1973, so this was a major request. Thankfully, I had the support of my wife and some good friends to attempt to put this together. I contacted my current and former band mates at the time, we rented a hall in Kirkland, and set up the date to do the show. We were able to assemble 11 incarnations of various bands I had been in over the years including one guy from my junior high band that played in the early ’70s.”

It was a hit. A big hit. So successful, actually, that Feldtman decided to do it again the next year.

“I created the Gobblefest organization and we set out to put on live music shows that benefit local food charities,” he said. “[This year] marks our eighth Gobblefest event in Kirkland, our second in Poulsbo, and our first on Bainbridge Island.”

All this year’s shows include a guitar auction — signed by the Gobblefest musicians, if desired — and an auction for someone in the audience to get up and sing live on the stage with one of the bands.

“This is usually highly entertaining,” Feldtman said.

Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $20.

“We make money through donations from the attendees, the auctions, and at some locations corporate sponsors,” Feldtman said. “We ask for $20 per person as a donation, which we think is an excellent value and all of the profits go directly to the food charity. Our overhead is minimal in that we only spend money on expenses that will help promote the events; things like posters, web site, etc.”

In 2016, Feldtman said, the combination of the Poulsbo and Kirkland shows raised enough money to pay for approximately 24,000 meals.

“Our goal for 2017 is to raise enough money to pay for 40,000 meals,” he said.

“Gobblefest VIII” will take place at The Lime, in Kirkland, on Saturday, Nov. 11, at which about 40 different musicians will play about 60 songs in various genres, and “Gobblefest Kitsap 2017” will be Saturday, Nov. 25 at Slippery Pig Brewery in Poulsbo, featuring Porch Dogs, Down Goes Frazier, The Recalls and Psycho Sushi.

Visit www.helplinehouse.org/single-post/2017/10/07/Gobblefest-Benefit-Concert-Sat-114 to learn more.