Bloedel Reserve to host sunny selection of paintings

Bloedel Reserve’s “Art in the Dining Room” series will present “The Sun is Up,” paintings by Fatima Young, in the resident house dining room through Dec. 9.

Entrance to the show is included with the cost of admission to the reserve.

“The Sun is Up” was the result of love, loss, grief and then finding light once more. Young remembered her son waking everyone early shouting, “Get up, get up! The sun’s up!” Then, after a dark period of losing her precious husband, there was reawakening. Getting up again showed Young that the light can come back, a philosophy now reflected in her new work.

Young was born of Russian heritage in Europe. She received degrees from F.I.T. and C.W. Post University in New York. After a 25-year hiatus — raising her son and making a career in magazine publishing — Young returned to her love of art. Oil painting became her medium of choice. Her work has been showcased in several galleries including, most recently, the Heritage Gallery.

In the tradition of certain Impressionists, Fatima paints with the palette knife. She adds bold color and captures the earth’s rich moods through the use of light and dark. The canvas becomes an interpretation of our most tranquil surroundings and the beauty within. Her works are distinctively Russian Impressionism with a twist of the sublime. Love of the nature draws Young to outdoor painting, mostly countryside settings and also garden and forest landscape scenes.

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