BHS actors perform ‘A Wrinkle in Time’

What would you do if your dad mysteriously disappeared, your mom was preoccupied with scientific experiments, your brother seemed really awkward and the kids at school were harassing you every day?

You’d probably want to run off to find your dad, too. That’s the premise for the fall production of “A Wrinkle in Time” presented by the Bainbridge High School theater company.

The main character, Meg Murry, is having a terrible time, and she desperately wants to find her father but needs help. So she joins forces with an ancient being named Mrs. Whatsit, her brother Charles Wallace, friend Calvin O’Keefe and a few more characters she meets along the way to battle the forces of evil to rescue her father, save humanity and find herself. In the end, we know one things for sure, love can overcome evil.

When the curtains open the colorful purple hues of the painted floor, the three vortexes, Meg’s bed, and the minimalist set design by Aimee Triana set the stage for a magical adventure. The vertical structures are light and airy and provide balance for the other versatile set pieces that keep the focus on the actors.

Director D’Arcy Clements made some great casting choices highlighting the talents of the student actors who give strong performances.

The lead is played by senior Zinnia Keller, who gives a strong performance as her character transforms from an angry and taunted teen to an intergalactic time traveler who transforms into a hero. Keller said she could relate to the character who keeps a lot to herself. “She’s a fun character to play, I really like her development.”

Mrs. Whatsit is played by Olivia Opalski, who imbues her character with charm, humor and lovability. Her performance is especially strong in the scene with the dark thing. The ancient one Mrs. Who, played by Kit Marquez, manages many linguistic tongue twisters with ease as she rambles through various phrases in different languages without missing a beat.

The voice of Mrs. Which, portrayed by Fiona Biggs, is as detached and otherworldly as her performance; she plays it straight and with little emotion, which makes the character memorable. Hugo Gustafson is fun to watch as Meg’s nerdy and unlikely friend Calvin, and Aiyanna Clark must be an old soul because she gives a convincing performance as Meg’s loving and gentle mother.

But the standout performance in this production comes from Tucker Myrick as the Red Eyed Man. From the moment he enters the stage, he mesmerizes the audience with his high-pitched cackles and full-body gyrations that punctuate his sentences. Myrick portrays an evil personality with disdain and attitude with every word. If you want the full frightening experience, sit in the middle of the first three rows where he can stare right into your soul with his evil eyes!

The next performances are scheduled for Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 19 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets for $10 are available at

Meg Murry with her mother, played by Aiyanna Clark, and her brother, played by Camden Diercks.

Meg Murry with her mother, played by Aiyanna Clark, and her brother, played by Camden Diercks.