Best Bets for April 15-17 | THE BAINBRIDGE BLAB

I'm gonna wash "Chopin" right out of my hair... This weekend: Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra takes on South Pacific, plus a recycled parts workshop and art series in private homes.

Bach too blah? Mozart too meh? This weekend, the Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra gives gamers a reason to see the light: Performances 7:30 Friday and Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday feature music from “Halo,” also “How to Train Your Dragon,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “South Pacific.”

Hypnotic and reassuring are not the words we think of when we think of play instruments, but goldbones makes it more than work on his indie pop album “Kitsch.” In “Cross-Continental,” he tranquilly sing-chant-repeats two-word descriptions (“first gear, wheels squeal, night drive, red eye…”) and you’d very likely trail him to the end of the earth. Human Ottoman is an odd couple: a cello, vibraphone, drum-set power trio that sounds like very talented, mischievous elves. Catch the crazy Friday at Rolling Bay Hall.

If you’re afraid of dolls, you’d better stay away from BIMA Saturday (and really all season). Marita Dingus leads a workshop from 10 a.m. to noon for families on how to make doll sculptures from recycled materials. Tickets, $30 for one adult and one child, are available online.

Art at an undisclosed address in a secluded wooded area? It’s either a scary movie set-up or spy-movie sexy. Bainbridge Arts & Craft’s latest “The Art of Collecting Art” series launches sometime Sunday, with stunning examples of Tlingit, Crow, Haira and Inuit craftsmanship on display at a local residence. Register at the gallery or call 206-842-3131. Tickets are $150 for the whole series (parts two and three are May 21 and June 18) or $65 for a single stop.