Wood chips probe prompts questions | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Do I understand correctly that everybody involved in the chip delivery saga to the Peltiers, including the public works director who OK’d the delivery, and the neighbor who took the photo of the delivery, agreed that the chips were delivered? It seems, there was no controversy about the delivery.

Neither the Peltiers nor any other person with knowledge of the delivery denied that the chips were delivered nor questioned the delivery process. Nevertheless, someone at city hall decided to hire a “consultant” at $290 per hour to investigate the chip delivery nobody questioned or denied. Mrs. Peltier even had a journal “showing when chips have been delivered and by who.”

After the city attorney set up the interviews with all involved parties, the investigator spent 25 hours investigating and discovered through probing inquiry and in depth cross examination what the city already knew: the chips were delivered and everybody agreed to the how and when and why of the delivery.

So, the city spent $7,250 investigating the known delivery of $100 worth of wood chips. Not even Mr. Trump could make such lucrative deal.

I am sorry but I am also curious and subscribe to the principle of not wasting money. Who approved the hiring of a Seattle attorney at $290 per hour? Why didn’t the city’s own attorney or the city manager do the investigation? Why did it take 25 hours to interview the folks who all agreed that the chips were delivered? What exactly was investigated?


Bainbridge Island

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