We need leaders who are willing to lead | Letter to the editor

Our city doesn’t need our permission to go into the business of selling power nor to acquire the assets of Puget Sound Energy on the Island.

If the council thought it was such a good idea, they would not have had to spend $100,000 on a feasibility study or $50,000 on a ballot measure. They are worried that they will be blamed for spending up to $150 million of your money on a bad idea and the ballot measure is like Pilate washing his hands.

They also do not want to hurt the feelings of their utility committee and insider “Greenies” who did not read “Dams Create Greenhouse Gas” (Seattle Times, Sept. 29, 2016).

Solar power and wind power are the answer and will soon have storage.

PSE will contribute $600,0000 of the $1 million cost of underground wiring and stand ready to build a fourth power station on Bainbridge Island at a cost of $30 million, which will reduce outages and their duration.

Ask your councilman or woman to lead.


Bainbridge Island