Thanks for supporting community fireworks | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Without the financial support of the Brokers of John L. Scott Real Estate on Bainbridge Island and numerous community members and local businesses, the ninth annual Bainbridge Fireworks over Eagle Harbor would not be possible. Thank you to all who have contributed to our July 4th fireworks display year after year. We truly appreciate you!

And yet, as of this writing, with less than two weeks to the big event, we are still about $5,000 short of our fundraising goal. This amount equates to what it takes just to contract with the tug service and rent the barge from which the show is launched.

Please consider how much you enjoy the show and then consider that it is organized by just a handful of volunteers and we receive no financial support from either Grand Old Fourth program or the city (we raise the funds all on our own and 100 percent of contributions go to our program) and then contribute through one of the multiple ways we offer; stop by John L Scott Real Estate, Chase Bank, or the Chamber of Commerce — all on Winslow Way. Donations can also be made online via PayPal.

And please, come out, whether by land or water, at 10:20 p.m. on July 4 to enjoy the show! Suggestions for where to go and how to view the show can be found on our website at

Volunteers are always needed the morning after the show, approximately 9 a.m. at Pritchard Park to help clean up the beach.

Bainbridge Fireworks is truly an event made possible by the community for the community.



Bainbridge Fireworks Committee

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