Thank you Bainbridge for your great support | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

On behalf of Housing Resources Bainbridge, we would like to thank the Housing Kitsap Board of Commissioners for their vote to sell the 550 Madison Ave. property to us and our partner, Madison Avenue Development.

The board’s willingness to work with our organizations to craft a creative solution for the Bainbridge Island community means that we will be able to protect and preserve 13 units of affordable housing in perpetuity.

We would also like to thank our mayor, Kol Medina, who in his capacity as a commissioner effectively laid out the case for our offer and championed it as an innovative and creative solution to addressing our island’s affordable housing shortage. In fact, the entire Bainbridge Island City Council has our sincerest thanks for their continued support and leadership in crafting policy solutions that will begin to alleviate the housing burden facing too many of our neighbors.

We are constantly reminded of how fortunate HRB is to serve such an engaged and supportive community. Your advocacy and outreach made an enormous impact and showed that when we stand together with our neighbors we become a more vibrant and diverse community. The 13 families that call 550 Madison Ave. home can now rest easy and enjoy the peace that comes with safe and stable housing.

Our work, of course, is just getting started as we begin to raise funds to finance our portion of the project and plan for the future with our partners. However, we look to the path ahead with optimism and a deep sense of gratitude for all that has been accomplished so far.

Bainbridge Island truly is a remarkable community and we extend our deepest gratitude for your support.

PHEDRA ELLIOTT, executive director

LINDA LINCOLN, chairwoman of the board of directors

Housing Resources Bainbridge

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