Taxes are the least of Trump’s problems | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I agree with Mr. Sheldon (“Asking for Trump tax returns ins’t American,” April 5 Bainbridge Review). It is so unfair to require Mr. Trump to make public his income taxes before his candidacy can be placed on the Washington state ballot. After all, he is the president and should be allowed a bit of tax obligation flexibility.

Next thing we know legislation will be introduced that all presidential candidates must possess ethical and moral standards, pledge not to lie and cheat, and have a noticeable IQ, and, that they should actually be elected by the majority of the U.S. citizens.

Anyway, Mr. Sheldon, you are right, why worry about Mr. Trump’s tax problems, when we should really feel sorry for his suffering of megalomania, narcissism, instability, and his other disorders.


Bainbridge Island

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