Stand up for your fellow citizens | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Thanks for printing the shocking update on the sad state of the millions in poverty, victims of an outright war in our own country, against our own citizens. (“Trump’s War on the Poor: An Impeachable Offense” by Mel Gurtov, Bainbridge Island Review, June 14, 2018)

As citizens in a democracy we have the opportunity to turn this around. By writing, calling, and visiting those who represent us, asking them to take steps to end this “war on the poor,” we can make the difference.

First, asking the current cuts to SNAP (food stamps) in the House Farm Bill be opposed.

Second, by asking those who represent us in D.C. to provide ladders out of poverty with better transition programs that gradually drop away as people earn a LIVING wage.

So stand up for your fellow citizens and let’s help reverse America’s harsh actions against the poor.