Pursuing the right of happiness | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Each and every child born on Earth should have the right of happiness. Millions of children worldwide are affected by people who don’t care to understand each other. Countries end up going to war with each other, fighting over resources and displacing families and children. I often awaken at night from seeing images of families and children trying to flee their homeland.

Many children worldwide suffer when their parents don’t have a relationship. I don’t blame the parents. For some reasons they didn’t understand each other.

Another reason that millions of children worldwide don’t acquire happiness is greed. Unfortunately a percentage of humans are only interested in becoming rich and more powerful. Consequently, many unfortunate children suffer from their actions. For example, many unfortunate children are the ones that fight in our wars.

Contaminated water from lead and other pollutants have a greater impact on families with lower incomes. One reason is they don’t have the resources to change or to move.

Most people realize that global warning can contribute to more powerful events like hurricanes. Again: Families with lower incomes and restricted resources are less likely to be able to recover or to move elsewhere.

Every child has the right of happiness. Unfortunately too many people don’t understand and don’t care. More people need to be aware of what’s happening to children and to find ways to bring about a change. Every person has the power to help bring about that urgent change.