Press city to support race and equity effort | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Our city council will soon decide how to act on a recommendation made by the city’s recently formed Race Equity Task Force. Please take time to inform yourself about it and urge our council to fully adopt it.

About a year ago, a few island residents asked our city council to give a deeper look at how our island culture deals with matters of race and equity. Our council responded wisely, by forming the Race Equity Task Force to study and advise the city on how to proceed.

Now the task force recommends that COBI join the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) and take the in-depth training they provide to 171 local and regional governments across the country.

Yes, there are costs in both dollars and staff time to do this at the level necessary to make a difference. Like it or not, we are all enmeshed in a long-standing, deep-rooted systemic injustice. It takes a systemic approach such as the task force recommends to secure real change. Although it will take hard work and prolonged effort, I believe we on Bainbridge Island are ready and able to do this.

Please do not be indifferent. It takes only a few minutes to email to your city council (, or “first initial last voicing your support for this action.


Bainbridge Island

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