Practical solution for reducing our footprint | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

In recent comments about increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, little is said about our own carbon footprint here which can be used to generate clean power.

For instance, what is the carbon footprint of the three 25-ton truckloads of “waste” from the municipal water works a month to Tacoma which can be used to generate clean power in a fuel cell owned by the city?

Before considering the merits of a fuel cell, one might try actual analysis using a matrix with the four main manufacturers of such down one side and the criteria-power, price, electrolyte, fuel, land footprint for starters across the top, run the numbers and then see what is best. Of note PSE would have a power purchase agreement with the manufacturer so the city would have no capital cost.

A power plant of at least 1.5 megawatts might be possible if the current truckloads garbage of six truckloads a month to the Olympic View Transfer site managed operated by Waste Management across from the airport would be excluded from the current law.

Analysis rather than “feel good” emotion might lead to a practical and profitable way to reduce our OWN carbon footprint.


Bainbridge Island

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