Nassar will work to find solutions | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Are you worried about rising taxes? Afraid to bike or walk on roads without proper trails or sidewalks? Saddened by the loss of our Island’s beautiful farmlands and forests? Seeking in vain for affordable housing?

Rasham Nassar is committed to finding solutions to these pressing concerns facing Island residents.

Rasham is a young mother, organic farmer and small business owner. She lives her beliefs and values every day, and will bring that same dedication and authenticity to her work on the council. She will bring the wisdom and judgment that only a life filled with wide ranging experiences through travel, education and work can teach. She will listen with compassion and keen intelligence, and work hard to find innovative solutions that will preserve our resources, our quality of life, and our unique island character.

Rasham is the energetic, responsive leader we need to build a sustainable future for the next generations of Bainbridge Islanders.

Vote for Rasham!


Bainbridge Island