Nassar did not support PSE takeover | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Last week a letter appeared in The Bainbridge Islander claiming that Rasham Nassar was a proponent for a city-owned utility company. The writer was misinformed. For those who seek the factual truth, I suggest contacting the candidate herself.

However, if one is interested in which council members voted in 2015 to get the electric municipalization item on the city’s work plan, and which council members in 2016 voted to spend $100,000 on a feasibility study that was clearly opposed by the island’s majority, those facts are available on public record.

In questioning Rasham on various issues, I learned of her concern for economic viability. I found her to be very bright and analytical. She exhibits a strong common sense and a respect for the will of the majority. I believe that her sense of fairness and high energy and enthusiasm will be a great asset to the council.

We’re lucky to have so many talented people willing to run for council. Thanks to all.


Bainbridge Island