Mayor was once new to the job | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I read with interest Mayor Tollefson’s letter to the editor and was disappointed. The mayor seemed to succeed in offending both the candidates as well as his predecessors all in one short letter.

Calling the candidates “characters” is not very kind. Nor is the suggestion that they are uninformed. Perhaps the mayor has already forgotten that he too was new to the task four years ago? People starting a new job will always be on a learning curve and be accumulating experiences. At least we hope so.

Mayor Tollefson goes on to suggest people vote for Wayne Roth. Now Mr. Tollefson is a white, middle class, elderly man so it makes sense that he would think another white, middle class, elderly man is the best choice for our island. People often feel more comfortable around those who are just like themselves. Especially white, middle class, elderly men.

However, diversity is the strength of the web of life and it is also the strength of any organization. When a diverse group of people put their heads together they are able to generate ideas that no homogenous group will. This is partly why so many islanders are very excited about a young woman — and a young woman of color — running for City Council. Rasham Nassar will add a perspective to the local dialogue that we sorely need and with her sharp mind and keen perception coupled with enthusiasm often found in young people she is already an inspiration to many.

One of the questions posed at the candidates forum was how the candidates would work to increase the diversity of Bainbridge Island. There is no question about the fact that one of the answers lies in having diversity in the leadership of our government.

Please vote for diversity. Vote for Rasham Nassar.


Bainbridge Island