Letters to the Editor

Like Lester

To the editor:

We have employed the same voting method each year as we sort out local candidates for office. If the person is an incumbent, we try to evaluate their actions during their time in office. Have they taken the job seriously, understood specific challenges and responded well to them, worked hard and kept in touch with their constituents? If so, we want to send them back to do the job some more.

That’s the case with Debra Lester in her service as Public Utility District commissioner. She has sharply focused on communications technology issues and has been the intelligent, hardworking commissioner we hoped she would be. All one needs as evidence to vote for her is the very good work she has done to date. We hope voters will select Debbi to do the job again.

Cindy and David Harrison

Arrow Point

Thanks chief

To the editor:

I would like to thank Chief Clark and Sgt. Shields for the ride-a-long I had this year. When we were out on patrol, I was impressed with the relationships that exist between the residents of Bainbridge Island and the police department. What really impressed me was the communication and discussion that occurred while on patrol. There is a true sense of community.

This type of communication is needed throughout Kitsap County. We also need to hold criminals accountable. As some of you know, crime is starting to extend into BI. Holding criminals accountable does involve incarceration for some crimes. But there are also crimes that need restorative justice programs. This is where the victims, offenders and communities come together to discuss respect, inclusion, accountability and solution-oriented solutions.

If you get to know me, you will find out that servitude is at the core of my beliefs. I am always available and accessible. I want what you want, which is to provide safety and security to Kitsap County by providing respect, inclusion and empowerment.

Rick Kuss


More Lester

To the editor:

When Debra Lester ran for District 1 Kitsap Public Utility District commissioner in 2017, I endorsed her. Today, I am positively convinced voters need to re-elect her.

Lester has six years of experience and achievement as a KPUD commissioner. She has cultivated industry knowledge, collaborative agility, and respected leadership benefitting KPUD customers and community.

There remains unfinished work she’d like to continue. When Debra first ran for commissioner, a long-standing state law prohibited PUDs from providing direct broadband internet service to residences. Debra supported our legislators, including testifying before Senate and House committees, to pass legislation that qualifies PUDs to apply for federal broadband funding. She wants to make sure that KPUD applies for broadband internet funding.

During Lester’s tenure, KPUD has made progress toward making its hiring, policies and practices more equitable and inclusive. Many “firsts” have been hired, and staff has participated in one training to inform shaping a work culture that is safe, welcoming and equitable for all. Lester is committed to continuing this pathway.

If you spoke to Debra about why she loves being a KPUD commissioner, she’d tell you about partnering with a capable and responsive board, staff and general manager. And if you asked her colleagues about what they respect and admire about Lester, I imagine you’d hear prepared, curious, caring, collaborative, innovative and, at times, intensely laser-focused.

We’ve got a good thing going with Lester. Let’s re-elect her.

Jing Fong

Bainbridge Island