Letters to the editor

Approve R-90

To the editor:

Referendum 90 will be on the Nov. 3 ballot to Approve or Reject ESSB 5395 (Comprehensive Sexual Health Education), passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Jay Inslee in March. The League of Women Voters of Washington recommends to Approve ESSB 5395.

The bill ensures that all students statewide receive age-appropriate information that is medically and scientifically accurate, and parents have the right to opt their student out of the class. ESSB 5395 states that K-3 instruction must be social-emotional learning. That could include stranger danger, good touch/bad touch and using your words instead of your hands.

No child should be left in the dark without the tools and information they need to be safe and healthy. Comprehensive sexual health education is effective at driving down rates of sexual abuse, unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections in young people. Making sure every student across our state has access to high quality sexual health education is an equity issue.

Too many of our students don’t receive high-quality, accurate sex education, putting them at risk. Let’s stand together and vote to Approve R-90 this election for all our students.

Ann Strosnider and Leni Skarin

Co-presidents, League of Women Voters Kitsap

Styrofoam a hit

To the editor:

A sincere “thank you” to all of the Bainbridge Island residents who stored their Styrofoam for an extra few months to participate in the Bainbridge Island Zero Waste styrofoam recycling event Sept. 12-13. Though we don’t like to see so much material coming to our event, we appreciate that all of you were patient so the foam did not go into the landfill.

Zero Waste would like thank our perennial host of the event, Howard Block of Bay Hay and Feed, for giving us the space to make this event happen. Another shout out goes to Jay Hildebrand, supervisor of Safeway’s Auburn recovery asset center, which partnered with us by providing three semi trucks that we filled in the two days. (Safeway has the equipment to process the foam and upcycle it for another use.) Zero Waste also collected plastic peanuts and 700 CD’s during the event.

We counted 450 cars during the two days, and we appreciate the kindness from all drivers in following our process to keep everyone safe.

Thank you to our volunteers and to Bainbridge Disposal and Town & Country Market for logistical help.

And lastly, thanks to all residents who gave financial donations. Your money makes a positive difference in our community.

Dawn Snider and the Bainbridge Island Zero Waste Steering Committee

Things are OK

To the editor:

So it’s kinda late, and Winslow is deserted. I’m taking a walk down Winslow Way and lost in my thoughts.

I got my mask in my shirt pocket in case I get within 10 feet of someone and have to take precautions to protect them and myself from a nasty bug that is killing some people. People are making wearing a mask to protect themselves and others into a political issue.

I own a bar that I will likely lose due to this nasty virus.

Recently we have had brown days from smoke as fires rage. Reminds me of my youth in LA when we could not play at recess because of smog. We have riots across the country that seem to be a repeat of what I witnessed years ago. Exactly the same cause but hopefully a different result.

We have a president who just told the Proud Boys to “stand by” when asked to condemn white supremacist. Did you see that “debate”? That was enough to make one contemplate drinking a glass of bleach and getting out of this mess.

We’ve got murder hornets. The sun is going out in like 6 million years.

What’s next? Why do we even get up in the morning?

Then some kid on a skateboard comes screaming around the corner and almost mows me down. He is so sorry and completely mortified that he almost hit me. It’s OK guy. You didn’t hurt me and I was not paying attention where I was going.

Are you sure mister? You are OK? I’m so sorry….. Dude, get back to your buddies and get to skatin…I’m fine.

He takes off and joins his buddies skateboarding right down the middle of Winslow Way screaming and laughing like a bunch of wild teenage kids having a great time. Maybe things aren’t so bad.

Gerald Simonson

Bainbridge Island

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