Letters to the editor

Police probe

To the editor:

I believe that the question of whether our former mayor financially benefited (be it directly or indirectly) from the purchase of the Harrison building could be answered if our elected officials were to simply ask law enforcement to investigate the matter.

Why haven’t they done this?

The FBI has a division that is qualified to conduct this sort of investigation, and I am sure that if a councilmember were to ask his or her fellow members to vote on the matter during a public meeting, the entire council would agree to ask for an investigation.

That would put at least one issue surrounding the location of a new police/court facility to rest — one way or another.

Cindy Anderson

Bainbridge Island

Global health

To the editor:

We are the Bainbridge Island Youth Partners in Health Engage Chapter. We fundraise, educate and advocate for health for all. We’re asking our members of Congress to advocate for increased global health appropriations. We want to see more of the U.S. budget devoted to the Global Fund, USAID and PEPFAR to curb the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on health system strengthening.

Why should you care about global health? The reality is having healthcare is a determinant for your quality of life. There are 10 million preventable deaths each year from diseases that we have the knowledge and money to cure and eradicate.

When it comes to global health, global is not foreign. There are people in your community without healthcare, and it is our debt to the people we pass in the street and the people halfway across the world to invest in their lives. That’s why appropriations matter.

The word investment is key- when we bolster improved healthcare systems, we address inequities and empower entire populations. Congress has the power to decide how our country spends its money. Appropriations committees are meeting next month, and global health must be seen as a priority.

If this is important to you, contact Rep. Derek Kilmer and Sen. Patty Murray to show them how much the right to health matters to their constituents. How can we justify not enabling the resources to provide quality healthcare when we have them?

Look up “Bainbridge Youth PIHE” to learn more about our demands and how you can help.

Saiya McElderry

Bainbridge Island

Enjoy Tyner’s return

To the editor:

Thank you for bringing back Tom Tyner (aka latté guy) to the Review.

I don’t think I’ve laughed while reading the Review since his articles in the 1990s. Such a clever guy, and boy do we need as much humor as possible these days. Grateful to you for all your efforts.

Susan Knell

Bainbridge Island