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Clean energy

An Aug. 21 Bainbridge Review opinion piece makes a case for prioritizing nuclear energy in a clean energy portfolio. I agree that the urgency for us to make the transition to clean energy is growing, and we need powerful solutions. For me personally, the jury is still out on the acceptability of nuclear. But there is no question that our country needs to be full stop toward the clean energy revolution. I believe in the power of national legislation to incentivize all kinds of innovation for this revolution.

In fact, we have legislation in Congress now that holds great potential: The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763). It would put a price on dirty fuel and return the funds to families, incentivizing the economy in the right direction. Economic studies have shown this strategy to be effective, fair and durable. Effective means it gets us to 40% carbon emissions reduction in 12 years, exceeding Paris agreement standards and putting us well on the way to carbon-free.

Fair means that most families come out ahead financially with this approach. And durable because it has bipartisan appeal and will “stay” in place long enough to do the job. Thankfully, Rep. Kilmer prioritizes clean energy solutions legislation like HR 763. Here’s to powerful solutions that we can all support.

Bobbie Morgan

Bainbridge Island

Better ferries

I always appreciate Walt Elliot’s Ferry Fare articles, and the latest one called “Other systems better prepared than ours” is superb. WSF could certainly improve with the Canadian methodology described in BCF and SSA by your article. The necessity of having user groups directly involved with operational problems and solutions with well documented meetings would hopefully improve WSF.

The cited “U.S. Passenger Vessel Association’s 2010 assessment of WSF governance ” would appear to be correct now in 2020.

The closer to the users to deal with issues and impacts in a business sense is always more responsive/better than a remote bureaucracy that appears to put up with problems instead of pursuing solutions. This is not only for periods of COVID-19, but in normal operations. Unfortunately, I suspect not enough people see/hear of your articles to care enough to change the current operational dictates.

Keep up the good work. The light of day always makes organizations and government more responsive.

James Kelly


Thank you

Reopening kudos

As small local businesses struggle to keep their doors open, I want to thank Island Fitness for a stellar job on their limited reopening of the gym. Owners Michael and Alexa Rosenthal have gone beyond the standard COVID-19 safety protocols with a very limited number of members allowed to work out at the same time, clear instructions on what to do with used weights and machines (a clever red and green magnet system), and the immediate sanitization of all equipment when members are finished with them by staff.

I was impressed with the mandatory safety instruction video for your first visit back, and the pristine cleanliness of all equipment. As we move from the outdoors of summer to indoors with the changing of the seasons, it is a relief to know there is a safe place to work out in the dark days of winter.

Nancy Blakey

Bainbridge Island

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