Letters to the editor

Pick Peltier

To the editor:

When it comes to the Bainbridge City Council election, I say no to Joe Deets because he doesn’t walk the talk on environmental protection, land use or development. For example, Deets sided with powerful development interests to vote against the Critical Areas Ordinance. Let that sink in: Joe Deets voted against the single-most important legislation we’ve seen over the past 20 years regarding protection for the island’s natural resources.

Here’s another example: Deets was a strong supporter of an expensive overdevelopment scheme that would have clearcut 4.5 acres of the city-owned Suzuki property, but he recently refused to support the privately funded Wintergreen plan to build 31 permanently affordable homes for low-ncome families on land that was cleared years ago.

Need more examples? Deets twice cast votes in favor of allowing the oversized Winslow Way hotel to move forward despite widespread opposition from islanders and the Planning Commission’s recommendation that the project not be approved.

I get it that Ron Peltier rubs some people the wrong way. He’s outspoken, blunt and not always tactful. But nobody can say that Peltier has ever failed to walk the talk when it comes to protecting the nature and character of Bainbridge Island. So, I’ll say no to Joe and vote for Ron, warts and all.

Michael Gray

Bainbridge Island

Not Peltier

To the editor

Ron Peltier is not endorsed by any of the local Democratic organizations. But even more telling is the statement in the Progressive Voters’ Guide: “He (Ron Peltier) chose not to seek re-election when his seat expired in 2019 after facing a string of ethics complaints from both constituents and fellow councilmembers about bullying behavior and conflicts of interest. Peltier was formally admonished by the council in 2019 and has no place in public service again.”

Many of us who had originally supported Mr. Peltier in his first election were appalled when we witnessed his behavior on council. His blatant disrespect of staff, his continual rudeness to other councilmembers and his attacks on constituents were detrimental to the effectiveness of local government. This behavior cost us all – taking both time and attention away from council’s ability to address the numerous issues our community faces.

Mr. Peltier’s opponent, Joe Deets. by contrast, has been endorsed by all Democratic organizations and the Progressive Voters’ Guide. He has proven himself to be an effective leader in protecting our island’s environment, better planning, more sustainable transportation options and improving the opportunities of all our citizens. We need Joe Deets back on council. He has more than earned our vote.

Erika Shriner

Bainbridge Island

He exaggerates

To the editor

Listening to Clarence Moriwaki on podcasts and City Council forums, I have grown increasingly concerned by his overstatements and exaggerated claims. They cross the line of acceptable rhetoric.

Selected examples:

*He states, “I’ve worked for the White House,” and “I worked for President Clinton.” I find no corroboration he held a position with the Clinton Administration, although he worked for Gov. Mike Lowry for part of the time Clinton was in office.

*Referring to the Bainbridge Island Japanese Exclusion Memorial he says he was a “founder” and set “the entire strategy to create that.” The memorial started with the combined efforts of an august group of citizens. In the 149 page draft by the architects , Moriwaki is included among 25 people comprising “the Full Study Team.” With so many committed people involved, his is a bold, and questionable, assertion to make.

*Moriwaki enumerates the boards for which he has volunteered and points to “tangible” results that “speak for themselves,” including the Marge Williams Center. That center was spearheaded by a small group of citizens who purchased her home after her murder; the center was formally dedicated in 2001. Moriwaki joined the board in 2002. But Moriwaki takes credit for the existence of the center , along with Pritchard Park and other sites he names.

Rasham Nassar speaks with clarity, hard facts and experience. We know where she stands on the issues. Not so with Moriwaki. Transparency matters.

Helene Smart

Bainbridge Island

Choose Quitslund

To the editor:

We have known both Jon Quitslund and Kent Scott over many years and like and respect them both. I am voting for Jon Quitslund because I think he embodies what the City Council and the city of Bainbridge Island need at this point.

Jon’s career, starting as a young professor and rising over the years to be the Chair of the English Department, speak to his ability to work well with others and earn their respect. He does have an eye for details, and patience to work toward a consensus.

Mary Stowell

Bainbridge Island

Pick Scott

To the editor:

I’m writing to endorse candidate Kent Scott for City Council. I have known Kent for 30 years living here on Bainbridge Island.

He worked as a landscape architect for a prominent Seattle firm, as a designer and project manager. Kent is bright and thoughtful and has a good understanding of local issues.

I endorse Kent’s candidacy wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Davi Cinamon

Bainbridge Island

Vote Peltier

To the Editor:

The many reasons to vote for Ron Peltier for City Council were on full display at the recent Senior Center Council Candidate Forum. Ron’s composure, command of the facts and law, and ability to articulate his position on all the critical issues facing our community is both remarkable and well-beyond the capacity of his opponent.

Both before and ever since he was first elected to the council, Ron has consistently led with passion and intellect to help forge important initiatives that produced an improved development review process, a reduction of clear-cuts for McMansion-type subdivisions, a broader understanding of the importance of sustainable land-use practices and greater recognition of our Native American neighbors. His unwavering focus on the legacy we leave future generations, challenged now more than ever before by the urgency of climate change and social injustice, will serve all of us well.

Most importantly, we believe that Ron is far more able and more likely than his opponent to find and support ways to significantly increase the stock of affordable housing in our community while simultaneously addressing the pressures associated with growth that threaten the ecological health of the island. We strongly encourage you to look past the fallacious rhetoric of our time and focus instead on substance, and then join us in supporting Ron Peltier.

Jane and Stan Rein

Bainbridge Island

Return Rasham

To the editor:

In every City Council election, my highest priority is to pick a council that will preserve the unique character of Bainbridge Island – its forests and small-town character. For that reason, I am supporting Rasham Nassar, just as I supported her four years ago.

Once a candidate is elected to council, it is too late to learn how accommodating to developers that councilmember will be. Voters must demand to know a candidate’s position now and should be dubious of any candidate who avoids the issue.

For example, Ms. Nassar’s opponent, when asked about the Suzuki property at the Senior Center debate, replied, “90% of our island is wooded or open areas, only 10% is built, so we are way ahead on our green coverage.” Following that, a fellow advocate for Central Ward neighborhood contacted Mr. Moriwaki and the email has gone unanswered. If a candidate is hinting at rationalizing development now, how will he vote on the council?

I hope voters will focus on positions and issues, not personalities or endorsements. When you are sitting in traffic or unable to water your garden because of urbanization enabled by council decisions, will you feel better because the councilmembers were polite while making disastrous decisions? Will their friendships with a congressman magically undo the harm?

This election, I will be voting to keep Bainbridge livable by voting for Ron Peltier, Rasham Nassar, Kent Scott and Brenda Fantroy-Johnson.

Marshall Tappin

Bainbridge Island

Like Goodlin

To the editor:

We are pleased to add our names to the list of Bainbridge Islanders endorsing Tom Goodlin for the Board of Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District. We met Tom more than 15 years ago when our sons were in Boy Scouts together. In the years since, we have been impressed with Tom’s devotion to the environmental, recreational and quality-of-life issues that affect the lives of all island residents.

As a longtime board member of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust, Tom has worked not only to preserve but also to increase open space and trails. Working with the Land Trust, Bainbridge Parks Foundation and Bainbridge Aquatic Masters, he has been a strong advocate for expansion of, and accessibility to, the parks, trails and sports facilities that benefit island families.

Tom’s intelligence, professional work as a hydrogeologist, and strong work ethic are sufficient to justify his election. On top of that, Tom knows how to work and play well with others. We are confident that Tom’s election to the BIMPRD Board will be a win for the entire community.

Johnene Granger

Ken Goodman

Bainbridge Island

Elect Brenda

To the editor:

I’m so glad to be able to vote to elect Brenda Fantroy-Johnson to our City Council. Thoughtful and even-handed, Brenda is a community builder who is willing to listen to many voices, not just a favored few. Far from a single-issue candidate, she’s passionate about many things, from supporting more affordable housing to taking practical action on climate change.

A longtime island resident, Brenda has a heart for all members of our island community and has worked for equity and social justice all her life. I’m grateful that she’s willing to take her place on the council and work toward a sustainable future that includes everyone. She brings a calm, open-minded presence to the council and works to create consensus and unity rather than pushing her own personal agenda. Please join me in voting for Brenda.

Ann Lovejoy

Bainbridge Island

Letter inaccurate

To the editor:

A former City Council member recently claimed in a letter to the editor that Ron Peltier had been guilty of “multiple code of ethics violations.” The Ethics Board did not find Peltier guilty of the ethics violations. Also, a fact is that the letter writer himself voted to toss out all Code of Ethics complaints against Ron because the complaints (that many of us saw as politically motivated) were not ethics violations.

The letter writer’s claim that Joe Deets has “taken the lead on climate change” also bears examination. Councilmember Deets voted against aquifer protections, and to my recollection has never sponsored a single ordinance designed to combat climate change.

In contrast, when Ron Peltier ran for council in 2015, he promised to “codify” the environmental values in our Comprehensive Plan. Ron’s leadership resulted in new code that helped guard against clear-cutting and easy high-density development. Meanwhile, the monied interests on this island pushed “ethics complaints” to undermine him.

Joe Deets is strongly supported by developers – just follow the money at the Public Disclosures Commission. Reject the smears, and disregard the unfounded record embellishment. Vote for truth and accomplishments. Vote for Ron Peltier.

Chris Neal

Bainbridge Island

Pick Chymiy

To the editor:

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing Andrea Chymiy for a number of years. Over this time I have experienced firsthand many of the great things she’s done for the safety and success of the island. Those include being team lead for Bainbridge Prepares, co-founder of the Bainbridge Island Medical Reserve Corp and her support of Helpline House. When the pandemic hit, she volunteered tirelessly, for months, to help get our community vaccinated.

Our EMS is of vital importance to the community. Many of their calls are medical in nature, and it’s only fitting to have a commissioner with a strong medical background like Dr. Chymiy. Through her years of experience, she has become a qualified member of our community for all things emergency preparedness and medical in nature and a natural fit for the commissioner role. Andrea has been truly selfless in her conviction to make Bainbridge a better and safer place for us all.

Please support Andrea Chymiy for fire commissioner Nov. 2.

Alan Schmitz

Bainbridge Island

Re-elect Carey

To the editor:

I would like to endorse and request your vote to re-elect Bainbridge Fire Commissioner Tim Carey.

As current board chair and most tenured commissioner, I can attest to Tim’s value and contribution to our island and his fitness to continue serving. Having served side-by-side with Tim for multiple years, it has been my observation that Tim brings an ideal combination of skills, expertise and understanding to the role, but more importantly, he also approaches the position with a calm, deliberative and balanced perspective while maintaining an openness and receptivity to discuss and integrate inputs and perspectives from others.

In addition to the standard commissioner’s primary role of governance and oversight of the department to deliver the appropriate level of service while protecting the taxpayer’s dollar, Tim also this year provided an invaluable service as the chair of our information technology committee. This committee has developed our first-ever technology roadmap that we have integrated with our overall long-term strategic plan. Information technology is changing all aspects of our lives, but is also changing the fire service, and Tim brings a unique background and perspective to enable this committee’s work.

Tim clearly has a servant’s heart and does not bring any hidden agenda or partisanship to the table. This is exactly what is needed to continue our smooth running and effective organization. Please join me in supporting his re-election.

Scott Isenman

Bainbridge Island

More action

To the editor:

As a longtime contributor of sustainability projects in the Northwest and elsewhere, I am still perplexed at the confusion there is about what sustainability is by those who say this is something they support. It is clear that not all of those running for council understand what is possible and necessary in this regard.

The world was challenged in 1992 by Donella Meadows and other systems thinkers “to bring about a society that is materially sufficient, socially equitable and ecologically sustainable, and one that is more satisfying in human terms…” Earlier, the UN’s World Commission on Economic Development had defined sustainability in terms that clearly scoped a more equitable approach to growth, one that considered equity, economics and environment.

Because I support using this fully integrated lens when making decisions here on Bainbridge Island, and frankly, because I support less talk, more action, less volume, more consideration, I am supporting the following individuals for council: Brenda Fantroy-Johnson, Jon Quitsland, Joe Deets and Clarence Moriwaki.

Kathleen O’Brien

Bainbridge Island

Goodlin listens

To the editor:

I don’t know Tom Goodlin’s opponent for park commissioner. But I do know Tom well and heartily endorse his candidacy.

Tom and I worked together closely during his term as a board member, and then as president, of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust. During those years I came to value, trust and rely on Tom’s judgment. Since then, Tom has continued working as a volunteer in various capacities to support BILT’s mission, including applying his skills as a hydrogeologist to performing environmental assessments of prospective projects.

Tom is a quiet guy and great listener. He waits to hear all sides of an argument, then asks insightful questions before offering his own opinion. He is respectful of others and does not advocate for extreme positions on any issue. Tom’s low-key demeanor is often effective at de-escalating conflict during a heated group discussion.

Tom cares deeply about our island’s natural areas, both as recreational open space and for the preservation or enhancement of our island’s natural ecological systems. He is a supporter of continued strategic additions to our shared public natural areas and trails.

He is also a past and present user of the district’s arts and recreational programming and values the recreational infrastructure that supports it.

Tom would be a stellar park commissioner, and I urge you to join me in voting for him.

Asha Rehnberg

Bainbridge Island

Vote Scott

To the editor:

After watching the recent City Council Candidate Forum at the Senior Center, I am convinced that Kent Scott is the clear choice to represent the South Ward. His poise, eloquence and deep understanding of significant issues facing our community; his background in planning and design; and his experience working with communities in the U.S. and abroad on public process and participation, urban design, housing and environmental stewardship, are the attributes we need in a City Council member if our community is to realize the critical advances we must make to keep ahead of the pressures we face.

Most importantly, Kent has the demeanor and grounded presence that will be a significant asset to our council. His maturity and quick mind, and his ability to articulate complex issues and work collaboratively to address them, are exactly what we need right now. I urge you to vote for Kent Scott.

Carrie West

Bainbridge Island

Deets best

To the editor:

Are you wondering about the race between Joe Deets and Ron Peltier? Do a search of this newspaper’s articles, going to www.bainbridgereview.com/search/ Place each candidate’s name in and sort by relevance. The result will show you a litany of ethics complaints and accusations of bullying behavior vs. policy disagreements.

Another way to do research is to just look at the ads run by the two candidates. One candidate places two-page ads full of slanted accusations against his opponent; the other candidate highlights accomplishments he is proud of. It is not only the pledges of the candidates that matter, it is just as important how those candidates have worked for all of us in the past. These articles will suggest the reason Peltier did not run for re-election in the last cycle. There is a reason I am happy to be supporting Joe Deets.

Mary Stowell

Bainbridge Island

Vote for Maron

To the editor:

We are huge lovers of the island’s parks, trails and recreation programs, and our entire household couldn’t be more excited about David Maron’s candidacy for Bainbridge Island park commissioner.

We feel fortunate to have known David for years and in many capacities: friend, neighbor, teacher to one of our children, and fellow parent. In all these contexts, David has demonstrated kindness, intelligence, capableness and a commitment to serving his community. He is among the most community-minded people we know. He’ll be an exceptional steward to one of our island’s greatest resources: our magnificent parks.

In some ways, our family is representative of the yin and yang of island life: one of us grew up here; the other is a transplant from California. We love the stillness and natural beauty of the trails and parks, but also cherish the sports, camps and other active and socially engaging park district programs that have become cornerstones of our kids’ lives. Sometimes we want places to feel alone in. Sometimes we want places to be together.

The job of balancing our community’s disparate needs, desires and passions isn’t easy. But we know David is the right person for that job, with deep experience of listening to a diversity of opinions and finding equitable solutions to problems. We are already accustomed to watching David create a spirit of openness, civility, reasonableness and collaboration among those around him.

David Maron brings people together. Please vote for David.

Jon Mooallem and Wandee Pryor

Bainbridge Island

Choose Chymiy

To the editor:

As a teacher, parent, and military spouse (retired) living on Bainbridge Island, I support the election of Dr. Andrea Chymiy to BI Fire Commissioner Position No. 3. Our small community has benefited greatly from her medical leadership during a trying two years. She was instrumental in the creation of Bainbridge Prepares, where she has worked with local emergency professionals.

She is a trained emergency responder and has experience deploying to disaster areas to provide medical support. Given our geographic isolation in the event of a disaster, Dr. Chymiy’s experience will help guide Bainbridge’s safety and security plans moving forward. Dr. Chimiy’s training and diversity of experience will bolster the fire commission, and I highly recommend her to this position.

Meloni Courtway

Bainbridge Island

Pick Deets

To the editor:

I’m voting for Joe Deets to serve a second term on Bainbridge City Council and urge other islanders to do the same. Here’s why.

Joe is authentic. Joe dependably works to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. Joe has demonstrated he cares deeply about our community and those unique aspects that make Bainbridge special to all of us.

The environment. Joe has consistently demonstrated support for environmental issues near and far. Joe is concerned about our local environment and our planet’s future and reached out two years ago to learn about our zero-emission vehicle projects. Joe has remained curious and supportive of the environmental programs we’re working on.

Equity. Joe advocates and works for social equity on Bainbridge. Joe has encouraged the development of a cooperatively owned EV car share program and other transportation projects that focus on underserved communities. Joe understands the importance and impact of transportation equity for all users.

Our local economy. Joe works hard to ensure Bainbridge has a strong and resilient economy with meaningful jobs. During the tough days of the COVID shutdown, Joe shared information about various recovery programs. Based on Joe’s recommendations and our diligent work, we were able to keep 100% of our team employed and increase it from eight to 15 people. Joe has checked in periodically and always has encouragement and great ideas to share.

For these and countless other reasons, please join me in supporting our friend and neighbor Joe Deets for council.

Greg Dronkert

Bainbridge Island

Put BI 1st

To the editor:

Bainbridge nonpartisan City Council races have attracted major attention from national and statewide partisan politics. Think about that. Why are council positions nonpartisan in the first place? Because they deal with local needs and community issues.

This year council campaigns are focused on development. Less about whether to develop, more about where, what kind and who benefits most. Shall Bainbridge development focus on its own needs first?; island environmental protections for shorelines, water availability; fiscal concerns like affordable housing for locals, an island-sized police/court facility, a livable, locally centered Winslow, with transportation safety improvements for islanders?

Or shall these same decisions be made through the lens of Bainbridge’s location as a regional transportation hub that can help develop Kitsap County, with statewide interests in transit, recreation, housing, tourism and business? National and statewide partisan politics bring bigger planning outlooks with higher price tags, with a focus on Bainbridge’s role for the “greater good” of the state and nation.

Our council’s first responsibility is to represent Bainbridge interests; protect the island’s long-range local planning in all these decisions. It’s a matter of priorities and scale in projects that make the difference to locals.

City Council does this by following our community’s long-range development plan called the Comprehensive Plan. During the next City Council term, the Comprehensive Plan is scheduled to be rewritten. Today’s vote chooses that plan’s authors. Vote for candidates whose records always put Bainbridge first. We’re more than a regional corridor; we’re a community.

Debbie Vancil

Bainbridge Island

Vote Quitslund

To the editor:

When City Council candidate Jon Quitslund states that the council’s endorsement of policies and regulations governing growth and development will have a major impact on what sort of place the island is going forward, he is exactly right. He correctly points out that the trend as a result of the priorities the council has helped create has not resulted in meaningful growth in diversity in its several aspects on our island, despite professed support for this goal.

Making Bainbridge more accessible for people of varied economic, cultural and other circumstances is a challenging task, perhaps too easy to set aside in favor of easier measurables, but I think Jon would be the sort of council person to see that this would not fail to receive the attention it deserves.

Eric Cedarwall

Bainbridge Island

Pick Fantroy-Johnson

To the editor:

Let’s keep Brenda Fantroy-Johnson on the City Council. Brenda’s is the first election campaign I have ever worked on. I have known her for almost seven years and have always appreciated her integrity and common sense, two traits so sorely lacking in the political realm today.

As I have gotten to know her more deeply during the campaign, I’m even more impressed. She’s independent, works hard, studies the issues closely and is willing to fight for the greater good in the face of adversity.

Some of the City Council candidates clearly think they have all the answers. Brenda is willing to admit she doesn’t always know the answer to a question, but she will do the research and make an informed decision that will benefit all islanders – not just a select few.

She has no hidden agenda and is beholden to no one. I grew up in a time when we didn’t constantly discuss politics and the strongest admonition was to “just vote.” In these more polarized times, I will go one step farther and ask you to give your vote to Brenda.

Roger Clairmont

Bainbridge Island

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