Letter to the Editor

Ferry shortcoming

To the editor:

Did I miss new features to assist elders in the renovated Bainbridge-Seattle ferry facilities? I haven’t walked on for months. During the continuing reconstruction, I had envisioned all kinds of possibilities – from carts for luggage and seats on walkways to more whimsical golf cart transport and ski lift technology (I would sit on a moving conveyor or clip on to a T bar). Perhaps use the motorized carts you see in supermarkets.

Yesterday, I saw nothing to help on the long, long walk to and from the ferry, especially for elders with mobility issues (people of any age with mobility issues in fact). And nothing to help people with luggage or small children.

Do ferry facility designers think all physically compromised people will have motorized wheelchairs or cars, and all large packages will have wheels? I am glad my new hips and knees make long walks possible. What on earth do less spry people do? Are better provisions coming in all the spiffy, expensive terminal renovations? Aren’t there legal requirements? I certainly hope so.

Peggy Muir