Letter to the editor

Take care of them

To the editor:

Some of you are rejoicing over the downfall of Roe v. Wade. While I don’t agree with you, I do respect a heartfelt, consistent belief in and commitment to the sanctity of all life. I’m wondering, going forward, what that will look like.

Will you: Care about children once they are born?

Foster or adopt a child from your state, especially those with physical/cognitive disabilities, fetal alcohol syndrome, PTSD, adverse childhood experiences, addiction disorders, mental health difficulties, etc.?

Advocate (time, money, voting) for pregnancy prevention measures to reduce the need for abortion, such as comprehensive, research-based, age-appropriate, physical, emotional, behavioral, sexual health education in all schools; school-based health centers that provide access to birth control; all health insurance plans covering birth control 100%, community health centers that provide free birth control, etc.?

Advocate (time, money, voting) for equitable access for all children to safe and stable housing; nutritious and adequate food; high-quality education; a fair and age-appropriate juvenile justice system; quality health care; clean and safe water, air and land, etc.?

Care about women who will die from illegal abortions? Are they of less value than a non-viable fetus?

Leigh Jones-Bamman