Letter to the editor

Candidate grateful

To the editor:

In gratitude. That is how I ended each email to supporters. A week after the election, I want to publicly share my appreciation for the support and goodwill brought to my candidacy. As a working parent, I relied on family, friends,and community members to spread the word; and they did.

I am thankful that the message of possibility and inclusiveness for our parks was contagious (in a good way). It is an honor to have had the endorsements of so many inspiring individuals and community leaders.

My run for park commissioner was built on the notion that parks are for everyone. To embrace this approach, all of us, including myself, must be willing to consider uses different from our own. The park district’s 1,500 acres of land includes incredible beaches, forests, meadows, buildings, fields, pools and play structures. We are fortunate to have these public spaces as many of my parents’ generation worked tirelessly to expand the size and scope of BIMPRD.

I am optimistic about the future of our island for all the civic engagement and caring that is evident in so many ways. Join me in thanking the community, one person and action at a time.

David Maron

Bainbridge Island