Let’s use our contacts and our voting power | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I’m happy Jay Inslee jumped into the huge group of contenders for the presidency. My husband Hal and I have been cheerleaders for Jay and Trudy since they moved to our county from the 4th Congressional District.

When I look at all the important issues contenders are highlighting, I see Jay’s climate change as my top priority too. Nothing will matter to children of my 12 beautiful great grandchildren if Earth is out of balance.

Climate Change, out of control, will affect everyone, not just inhabitants of coastal areas. Scarcities of clean water, healthy soil for our crops, and… — would cause even more migration and wars.

Each of us now can do our small part in trying to keep Earth healthy. Governmental policies will have the real impact. We as citizens do have the power and responsibility to investigate the issues and candidates to determine how to use our voting power and contacts to our leaders to help Earth be a healthy place for us all to live (my descendants, too).



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