Hotel to have huge impact on downtown | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Many long term islanders have chosen to retire to the Winslow core, trusting that the desire to maintain our small town friendly atmosphere is part of the comprehensive plan and a priority of our local governing body.

Both long term islanders and retirees live in the area surrounding this proposed non-conforming hotel. They enjoy accessibility and independence and can be close to adult children and grandchildren on Bainbridge as the aging process progresses.

Explore the area all around this proposed hotel from the waterfront boardwalk up Madison, around the corner of the congregational church on Winslow Way to Wood Avenue and turn left back to the waterfront.

Within that area you’ll meet residents from retirement facilities, with access to shopping and walking; affordable housing complexes where many elders have chosen to be near their children and grandchildren or close to spouses with disabilities requiring assisted living in the nearby facilities.

Add to that area the condominiums directly across the street from the proposed hotel (Winslow Green and Hall Brothers Loop) and the number of residents who choose to live where they have the greatest prospect of mobility as they age increases.

The senior center and shopping, churches, BPA, city hall, movie theaters, farmers market, wonderful trails and boardwalk and parks help our aging population continue to be independent, and participating in spite of some being able to navigate only with walkers, scooters, or canes. Think about your elder years; you may want the same choice.

For everyone living in this area, the challenge of traffic, noise, and infrastructure needs that the Winslow Hotel presents is an environmental impact threatening to our way of life, and our lives. And to your future.

The decision to live in the center of Winslow seemed wise because the comp plan prohibited a hotel of this size to be allowed in that location.

Allowing the Winslow Hotel as proposed will have a huge impact on the neighborhood as related to parking, traffic, design, noise and infrastructure — an adverse environmental and human social and safety impact.


Rolling Bay

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