Good schools benefit everyone on Bainbridge | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

To the editor: I don’t like taxes. I don’t think I know anyone who actually does.

To the editor:

I don’t like taxes. I don’t think I know anyone who actually does.

But I do believe in paying for what I get. As the parent of two sons who went all the way through Bainbridge public schools, from kindergarten through high school, I’ve never begrudged any of the money spent on their educations. And, as a real estate agent in this community, I know that people want to live in communities with good schools. My colleagues and I frequently work with families who want to move here or stay here largely because of the quality of public education available here. This is obvious for parents, but it still makes sense for those without children or whose kids have finished their k-12 experience.

For most of us, our homes are our largest investments and good schools help to maintain the value of those homes. Studies across the country have repeatedly shown that homes in communities with good schools maintain and increase their values better than otherwise comparable houses in places with poor or marginal schools. It benefits us all to have good schools.

The upcoming ballot measures to renew the educational programs and operations levy and the technology levy deserve our support. They will add about $7 a month to what we now pay for schools.

I think it’s money well-spent — to ensure that we continue to nurture bright, curious young people and that we maintain the value of our homes. I don’t like taxes, but for this, I am willing to pay!


Bainbridge Island