Federal workers can turn to Helpline House | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Some commuters have noticed that they can get to the ferry 10 minutes faster than the last two weeks because government employees and contractors aren’t driving to work. The government shutdown prevented some of our neighbors from getting a paycheck last Friday.

Very soon, some of our neighbors may begin to feel the effect of not paying bills on time.

We’re here to help. Please encourage your neighbors who are affected by the government shutdown to come to Helpline House. We can offer assistance with essentials like food, utilities, rent, children’s enrichment programs, registration fees, graduation fees, and other costs to keep kids and families going through difficult times.

Helpline House’s social workers can help develop a plan to move families toward stability during these unpredictable times. A peer to peer support group is held at Helpline House and is available for community members to gather, provide support, discuss resources, and offer help to those affected by the shutdown.

Helpline House continues to help all households when their income or other resources are interrupted. Helpline House’s food bank can be the first step to help bridge the gap with nutritious groceries. The cupboards don’t have to be bare to visit the food bank. Consider shopping at the food bank weekly and using the money that otherwise would have been spent on groceries towards bills, rent, and other essentials.

All Bainbridge Islanders are eligible to use the food bank — there is no income restriction. All services provided by Helpline House are cost free and are supported by this community.

Come by to register to shop at the food bank or call (206-842-7621) to make an appointment with a Helpline House social worker to learn about the resources that are available to help. Learn more about our services at helplinehouse.org.


Executive Director, Helpline House

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