Each of us can do something | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Thanks for the news on the Women’s March and how our senators are reacting to the new administration. (“Sen. Murray slams ‘abhorrent’ move by President Trump on executive order targeting refugees” and “Cantwell joins fellow senators in call on Trump to pull back gag order” Bainbridge Island Review, Jan. 28, 2017).

Each of us can do something. Calling or writing letters to the senators thanking them for their work and asking them to continue to fight for human rights is one way to make a difference.

Congress did make the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit permanent last year, keeping 16 million Americans from falling into or deeper into poverty. The Earned Income Tax Credit could now be extended to working childless adults so they are not taxed INTO poverty. We can also ask them to fully fund SNAP (formerly food stamps) so 1 in 5 children will no longer be hungry.

So call or write to your elected representatives and ask them to continue to work for initiatives that make a difference in our country.