Don’t throw tax dollars at a costly gamble | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Why are we even considering running our own electric utility?

In the 40 years we have lived on Bainbridge, Phil and I have seen a steady improvement in the service from Puget Sound Energy. Power outages are less frequent and of shorter duration than was typical when we moved here. Large trees have been left along the road, and they are regularly pruned. When a major storm is expected, crews are secured in advance to be deployed as needed regionally.

If the issue is green power, why not find ways to encourage generating renewable energy right here on Bainbridge? One example would be to create incentives for including solar panels in new construction.

Perhaps someone can explain to us how purchasing 100 percent of our island power from renewable sources benefits the world. If the purchase does not generate new power, it seems that the non-renewable power we do not buy simply remains into the grid and is sold elsewhere.

We oppose gambling on having Bainbridge run their own electric utility. No study can guarantee the actual costs and potential problems. The money that has already been spent is gone, but please don’t continue throwing tax dollars on this.


Bainbridge Island