Do your homework before casting a vote | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

It has been wisely suggested by one of the candidates running for city council that it is of great importance to know who a candidate truly is when choosing who to elect. That is my premise for submitting this letter.

About two years ago I began attending the regular twice a month meetings of the Bainbridge Island Park Board of Commissioners. Consequently, I am very familiar with the functioning of the park board and its members.

I was present after Michael Pollock won a six-year term in 2018 to serve on the unsalaried park board of commissioners. When newly seated, he shared with the other members that because of a “prior commitment” he was only able to attend one of the two regularly scheduled monthly meetings. He suggested that if the others who attend (public records officer, executive director, four other commissioners and several park staff) would agree to change the date when he was unable to attend, the issue could be resolved. Michael has served his tenure by attending once a month when changing the date for the other meeting when he was unable to attend did not prove to be tenable. This approach to office holding is not in my opinion ethical or in the best interest of our community. I’m sure there is a record of the commissioners’ attendance if one cared to request it.

In Michael’s biography in the Voters’ Guide he has listed his prior term on the Bainbridge Island City Council from 1999-2003. He has referred in passing to this experience as an asset to his re-election at this time. I believe that it is also noteworthy that when he ran for re-election at the end of the previous term, he was not re-elected.

I find it also of interest that in the Voter’s Guide Michael lists under community service that he was a “founding member, president-Bainbridge Island Barks and Recreation.” I was a bit puzzled about this and thought it was a typo (barks vs. parks) but in speaking to Michael he verified that it was not a typo but the name of an organization he had been involved with that concerned dogs. I appreciated him clarifying that for me.

Michael Pollock and the people actively supporting him have a very well organized and effective campaign to help him win election again to Bainbridge Island City Council.

The city council has many major issues facing it and continuity on the council where appropriate is important. With this and other factors in mind such as heeding the advice to know who a candidate truly is my vote for the South Ward will be for Sarah Blossom.


Bainbridge Island

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