Congressman Kilmer deserves our thanks | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Thanks for printing Rep. Kilmer’s town hall schedule, fulfilling an important role of the media in our democracy. (“Congressman Kilmer hosts more town halls in 6th District” in the Bainbridge Island Review, Aug. 24)

The congressman is doing his part by inviting us to speak up so he knows what matters. Three years ago Rep. Kilmer did just that, following up on a request from constituents to support full funding of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria: signing and circulating a letter among the Washington State Congressional delegation, to then President Obama requesting full funding.

Thanks to this letter, the life-saving work of the Global Fund (27 million lives saved since 2002) continued to the present.

Once again, with the Global Fund replenishment conference this fall, the congressman did his part to make sure the Global Fund actually received an increase in funding in the House Budget. If the Senate follows the same path, 16 million more lives will be saved and these three pandemics, that have killed over 1 billion people throughout history, will be one step closer to being controlled.

So as you attend a town hall this summer, why not start with a thank-you to the congressman, for having town halls, for his part in the life-saving work of the Global Fund, and for listening to his constituents.