Congress has our tax money, so let’s tell them how to spend it | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Kudos to the AARP volunteers helping with people with income tax preparation. (“Tax time cometh | Photo of the day 4/13” by Brian Kelly,, April 13).

At the same time citizens are working to file their taxes, Congress is working to decide how to spend the money. It is a time we as citizens can weigh in on how our money will be spent.

America leads the battle to end preventable deaths in our world by battling disease, supporting proper nutrition, immunizations and medical care, all with far less than 1 percent of our spending. Asking those who represent you in Congress for increases in this life-saving work is a good idea. After all, we know what to do; “Will we do it?” is the question.

Same is true for battling hunger in this country: with one in eight Americans struggling with hunger, it is not time to cut SNAP (formerly food stamps). Instead let’s ask Congress to fully fund SNAP and work to end the underlying causes of hunger.

Just as it is our responsibility to pay taxes, it is the responsibility of those we elect to listen to our input.

A call or letter can help them hear what matters and help make a difference to millions of Americans and people around the world.