Candidate will be a strong advocate | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I am excited about Rasham Nassar’s candidacy for city council for several reasons.

Rasham is a parent, a farmer, a cyclist, and an advocate for our Island’s natural resources. She came to Bainbridge Island when she met her husband, who grew up here and brought her to his home. Together, they have figured out how to live affordably, and sustainably.

As a parent with a young child, Rasham brings a perspective of what needs to work on our Island for families. As an organic farmer, she understands the importance of community agriculture and locally grown food to our Island identity. As an avid cyclist who settled on Bainbridge after a two-year cycling adventure, she gets the importance of non-motorized transportation on our Island and the need to prioritize people moving safely around our roads for commuting and recreation.

Rasham is energetic, passionate, and committed to working for issues that are vital to our Island community, including affordable housing and a sustainable relationship with our Island’s natural resources.

I invite you to learn more about her candidacy at


Bainbridge Island