Bainbridge council isn’t leading on power issue | Letter to the editor

Council isn’t leading on power issue

To the editor:

In addition to the excellent letter by Robert Fraik, the city council may be cited for failure to exercise due diligence in light of global warming.

The entire thrust of green power for Bainbridge was to use the “clean” hydropower from Bonneville to cut down on CO2. No thought was paid to what global warming has actually done “locally” with regard to say, the Nisquallly Glacier, the Mendenhall Glacier and farther away, Glacier National Park and the great glaciers of the Himalayas, which feed the great rivers of India and China and which are much higher than the Canadian Rockies which feeds the Columbia River.

If due diligence had been exercised, a projection might have been made as to the flow of the Columbia River in as few as five years.

Instead, the Gang of Five has squandered $100,000 and wasted a year to indulge the pipe dream of a self-promoting huckster. The essence of leadership is to LEAD, not FOLLOW like mindless cowardly sheep!

For their failure to exercise due diligence, the Gang of Five should resign!


Bainbridge Island