Swedish Bainbridge doctor hopes to save business

When Swedish Bainbridge announced recently it is closing May 14, one of the doctors, Richard St. Cyr, got busy trying to save the business.

“A lot of Bainbridge Island people, and my patients, are very concerned about this sudden news about Swedish closing our clinic,” he says in a Facebook post. He did not return a call for comment.

Cyr says they are hoping to find a new owner. “Let me stress that no one here wants our clinic to be broken up or closed, and we are doing everything we can to stay open exactly as before, just with a different owner,” he continues on Facebook.

In particular, Cyr says he doesn’t want to leave. “I personally love Bainbridge, I am rooted here, I have no intention of moving,” he says.

Whenever such news hits a community, patients get concerned where they will find another doctor. “I want to reassure all my patients that it’s extremely likely that I will still be your doctor. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have such a rewarding panel of patients,” he says.

He plans to stay, even though it might be in a different location. “I hope it’s exactly right here, it may be somewhere else very close and convenient,” he says.

In closing, he asks for the community to keep them in their thoughts. “So stay tuned, pray for us, think of us, it’s extremely stressful right now but we have a job to do, and nothing and no one will stop us from taking care of our amazing community.”