Series of pop-up events set in BI with visiting chefs

Outdoor pop-up events have helped keep Hitchcock in business during COVID-19 restrictions, so much so that it will continue this winter with a Guest Chef: Street Food Pop-Up Series.

“Our pop-ups have saved us, creatively, financially and spiritually, over the last year,” said Brendan McGill, chef and owner of Hitchcock Restaurant Group. “While brainstorming we got to talking about the top-notch chef talent across the world who aren’t able to cook right now, given the current COVID conditions, and the idea was born.”

Chef Grant Rico and culinary director Paul Mancebo know some of the best cooks in the world, and they have invited eight of them to come to BI over the next four months. Each series will run Friday through Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Each visiting chef will create a menu of street food they are passionate about on the Vesta Grill in front of the Hitchcock Deli at 129 Winslow Way E. There is covered and heated outdoor seating and limited indoor seating when allowed by Gov. Jay Inslee.

The series start Jan. 22-24 with a chef from Puerto Rico. The menu includes Alcapurrias, Empanadillas and Mamposteao. A chef from the Philippines will cook Feb. 5-7 and feature Arroz Caldo; Crab Fat Noodles and Ginataang. Feb. 19-21 will feature a Cuban chef. The menu will include El Cubano, The Mad Yuca and Masa Frita. The pop-ups will continue in March and April. For details go to: