Sean Harding

Gov. Inslee launches 2020 presidential campaign

OLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee announced he is seeking the presidency of the United States in a video focused on climate change posted on his… Continue reading


Legislature ‘prays’ for Congress to curb Trump’s ability to launch a nuke | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA – Democratic lawmakers have asked the U.S. Congress to ensure the President does not have the sole authority to launch a nuclear strike, except… Continue reading


Lawmakers propose new watercraft restrictions to save southern resident orcas | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA – Lawmakers, whale watchers and environmentalists reached a rare consensus at a hearing on a proposed speed limit for boats operating near Puget Sound’s… Continue reading


Wheeled drones may be coming to a sidewalk near you | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - The automation of life has increased significantly over the past decade. Smartphone, drones, artificial intelligence like as Alexa and Siri, and delivery services… Continue reading

Gov. Inslee signs first law of the year | 2019 Legislative Session

Washington Governor Jay Inslee signs the first bill of the 2019 Legislative Session at a ceremony in the State Reception Room on Monday, Feb. 4.… Continue reading

Texting motorists may face steep fines in school zones | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A proposed bill would double the fine for motorists caught using a cellphone in a school, playground or crosswalk speed zone to up… Continue reading

Lawmakers seek revisions to wrongful death and injury statutes | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A proposal prompted by the 2015 “Ride the Ducks” accident on the Aurora Bridge in Seattle came one step closer to becoming law… Continue reading