Leslie Kelly

It’s a go: Islanders to vote on new public safety center in November

Bainbridge Island residents will get to decide in November whether they want their property taxes to increase in order to fund a new police headquarters and municipal court facility.

Islander first in area to use new cancer treatment

Sometimes the answer is in your own backyard — or very close by. When Garret Ihler of Bainbridge Island learned last March that he had prostate cancer, he went looking for the best possible treatment. As a former professor of medicine at Texas A&M University, he recalled reading something about a new procedure called SpaceOAR on a website called MedPage. So he began researching where he could get that treatment.

Sparse rainfall may not mean water restrictions

June through April rainfall is lowest in two decades.

Friends of the Farms add program manager

Kevin Haggerty grew up in a suburban neighborhood near Oakland, California. He didn’t know much about farming and he never planned to spend his career with his hands in the dirt.

New police station heads to fall ballot with $15 million bond request

The creation of a new public safety facility to serve Bainbridge Island is a step closer to reality.

Outstanding citizen named parade grand marshal

Most people know her as the Zero Waste lady. But this year, she’s also the Citizen of the Year, two times over.

Longtime emcees getting ready for the big Bainbridge parade

Everyone loves a parade. But Frank Buxton and John Ellis really love a parade — the Grand Old Fourth Parade on Bainbridge Island.

Dial M for memories: StoryShare is catching on at the senior center

They knew it’d be popular. But they didn’t know how popular. The Bainbridge Island Senior Center’s Collect Call Phone Booth has logged about six hours of memories each week since it opened in May.

WATER TRAILS FESTIVAL: Whenever there’s time, these paddlers are out on the water

For Lynn and Mark Schorn there’s no debate. If they’ve got time on their hands, you’ll find them on the water in their kayaks.

2015 BLAKELY AWARDS: Fort Ward teens, owners of McRedmond Cabin honored

To some it may look like an old relic, not worthy of saving. But to a group of Bainbridge teens, it’s a piece of history that they don’t want to lose.

Q&A with Ben Harris: Bainbridge Islander is top economic advisor to VP Joe Biden

Ben Harris grew up on Bainbridge Island and graduated from Bainbridge High School in 1995. He is currently the Chief Economist and Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden.

With a bit of time and effort, seniors can get fit | TIME OF YOUR LIFE

Fitness trainer says you’re never too old to begin a program to get in shape and add years to your life.

She’s definitely a numbers gal … and wants to help | TIME OF YOUR LIFE

From bank statements to tax forms, Marilee Hageman knows it all — and she can help you get organized.

AAA course teaches driving like a pro, even after 55 | TIME OF YOUR LIFE

It’s that age-old argument — when should older drivers quit driving? At what age is it not “safe” to continue behind the wheel?

Kitsap Computing Seniors: Helping each other learn more | TIME OF YOUR LIFE

If it hadn’t been for that garage sale back in 2008, Betty Sarachene might never have met Karen and Warren Beauchene.

He’s able to help you plan for the costs of future care | TIME OF YOUR LIFE

It’s important to talk about the options and the ‘what ifs’ when thinking about your future health care needs.

Aging Council is helping seniors get their needs met | TIME OF YOUR LIFE

They serve as advisers. But they’ve all encountered their own unique issues navigating the needs of seniors. They are the Advisory Council to the Kitsap County Division of Aging and Long Term Care, the local Area Agency on Aging.

Jack Hildebrand: He had that ‘old-fashioned customer service style’

When it came to Jack Hildebrand, he knew how to treat his customers. At least that’s what his former customers, friends and neighbors say.

WOMEN OF ACHIEVEMENT: Honoring former YWCA Executive Director Linda Joyce

After serving the YWCA of Kitsap County for 20 years as its Executive Director, Linda Joyce stepped down a year ago this month. She arrived at the 2014 YWCA Women of Achievement luncheon in a wheelchair, straight from the hospital, telling the crowd that she wasn’t going to miss the event.

WOMEN OF ACHIEVEMENT: Former newspaper woman honored by YWCA

When it comes to women who broke the gender barrier, Adele Ferguson was certainly one of them.