Leslie Kelly

Millstream has unique inventory, interesting story

If it hadn’t have been for a snowstorm 30-plus years ago, Millstream, a Northwest gift store with a nature theme, might never have come to… Continue reading

Bainbridge joins the resistance: Thousands join in Seattle march

They came. Women and men. Young and old. From all walks of life, each with their own reason for being there. Kitsap County was well… Continue reading

Reader’s theater performs holiday scripts

The group of half-a-dozen seniors is seated in a semi-circle, with scripts in hand. One-by-one they pause for a silent moment to get into character.… Continue reading

YWCA opens office on Bainbridge Island

For the first time in a long time — maybe ever — the YWCA of Kitsap County will have a storefront office on Bainbridge Island.… Continue reading

Saying goodbye to someone you’ve never met | Guest viewpoint

Just how do you say goodbye to someone you’ve never met? That’s what I’m struggling with right now. For the past 10 years, I’ve sponsored… Continue reading

Killer whales: Shared tales from the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum curator

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably heard a lot about killer whales. Around here, there are sightseeing boat tours designed to bring… Continue reading

Rent a crib, courtesy of a Port Orchard couple

It took a trip home to Los Angeles to see their grandparents for Vicky and Chris Lucas to discover a new way to add to… Continue reading

Sewing from Back of Beyond: Janet Nichols hems, mends and alters | BAINBRIDGE WOMEN IN BUSINESS

If you’ve lived on Bainbridge Island for the past dozen years, chances are you’ve had something hemmed, fixed or altered by Janet Nichols. Nichols is… Continue reading

Closet Transfer: Giving second life to clothes for 35 years

Don’t be surprised if the next time you’re at the Closet Transfer in downtown Winslow someone drops by to thank owner Carol Ingles for her help.

Helpline House has many fans, volunteers | BEST OF BAINBRIDGE 2016

If you live on Bainbridge Island and are in need of help, there’s an answer. It’s called Helpline House.

Sole Mates has soul, shoes, socks and lots more | BEST OF BAINBRIDGE 2016

Known for its twice a year Blow Out sales, Sole Mates, Bainbridge Island’s most popular shoe store, has been named the “best” for the third year in a row.

Window dressings are as sweet as what’s inside | BEST OF BAINBRIDGE 2016

Locals know that when they’re walking along Winslow Way, they need to stop at Bon Bon and take a look at the windows.

There’s a park for everyone on Bainbridge Island | BEST OF BAINBRIDGE 2016

For more than 50 years the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District has provided recreational and cultural programs to Islanders of all ages. The Island’s park inventory includes 1,500 acres, more than 90 percent of which is protected open space.

Sisters raise rabbits as their 4-H projects | KITSAP COUNTY FAIR

There’s something about those cute Netherland dwarf rabbits. Just ask Carley and Leah Cargile.

Fair & Stampede will go purple on Friday | KITSAP COUNTY FAIR

If you’re planning on attending the fair on Friday, Aug. 26, wear purple. You’ll be in good company.

Volunteer makes new horse arena happen | KITSAP COUNTY FAIR

When it’s all finished, it will be the largest covered horse arena in Kitsap County. Maybe even throughout the Kitsap Peninsula.

Exotic birds are always a highlight at the fair | KITSAP COUNTY FAIR

When most people think of the county fair they think of horses, pigs and cows. And maybe a rabbit or two. But Kitsap County’s fair has something to offer that no others do. Exotic birds.

Kitsap Fair has changed through the years | KITSAP COUNTY FAIR

Ever wonder if the fair we enjoy these days looks anything like the fair of the past? A journey through the annual scrapbooks kept by the fair board may hold the answers.

Fair board serves all year to plan for fair | KITSAP COUNTY FAIR

Mike Brady will admit that over the years, there’s been a few “fender benders” when cars have been parking at the fair. But his goal is to make sure every single car, truck, and RV gets in and out of the fairgrounds dent-free.

Heart By Heart to perform on Wednesday | KITSAP COUNTY FAIR

It happened almost by chance. If it hadn’t been for a gig in Alaska where they were asked to open for Dwight Yoakam, Heart By Heart may never have been formed.