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Kitsap Military Appreciation Day | Stand Down set for April 29

The next Stand Down in Kitsap County is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, April 29, at the Sheridan Park Community Center, 680… Continue reading

Kitsap Military Appreciation Day | Silverdale Chamber honors military personnel of the quarter

The Silverdale Chamber of Commerce honored its service members of the quarter. They were presented awards in February. Coast Guard Member of the Quarter is… Continue reading

Kitsap Military Appreciation Day | Bremerton Navy League supports area military

When Alan Beam was a young sailor and docked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after time at sea, he was greeted by the local Navy League.… Continue reading

Making a marriage work | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

Any couple preparing to merge their lives together needs to think about what’s ahead of them. And one of the ways to do that is… Continue reading

Tables can give the event that woodsy feel | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

When Jeri Knutzen was planning her wedding two years ago, she wanted some fine wooden farm tables to use at her reception. But she couldn’t… Continue reading

It’s not your mother’s pearl necklace anymore | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

Hold on to your seats. Wedding bling has just gotten personal. Ask Rebecca Johnson, owner and designer for Third Wish Studio in Seabeck. She creates… Continue reading

Kitsap hosts its own wedding tour in March | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

If going to the typical wedding show doesn’t excite you, how about a wedding tour? Yes, that’s right — a tour — where you can… Continue reading

Where to go on that honeymoon | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

It’s an age-old tradition. After all the fuss and planning of a wedding, the couple who is “just married,” needs a getaway. They call it… Continue reading

Shower the bride with creativity | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

Sure. Your girlfriends want to get together to honor your upcoming wedding and shower you with gifts. But that old time meet at someone’s house… Continue reading

Weddings are a personal thing | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

For the bride and groom, it’s their day. And it should reflect their personalities and their likes. That’s what wedding planners throughout Kitsap County are… Continue reading

Kitsap is a destination for weddings | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

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‘Unique & Chic’ has a bit of everything | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

Her business grew from a need to find things to decorate with for her own wedding. That was back in 2011. And now, just a… Continue reading

What to give the bride and groom…such a dilemma | 2017 Kitsap Wedding Guide

When it comes to wedding gifts, these days, anything goes. Many couples register with department stores and at other places hoping to make the job… Continue reading

Puppy love: Pets can improve your physical and mental health | Kitsap Living

Having an animal companion can improve your health. Poulsbo veterinarian Lisa Newnham sees it every day. “It’s quite remarkable,” she said. “I’ve seen it time… Continue reading

Exercising in 2017: It’s not just walking on the treadmill anymore | Kitsap Living

With every new year come the resolutions about exercising. By now, you’re a month into 2017, and maybe the old aerobics class or 20 minutes… Continue reading

Human touch: Massage can be good for physical and mental wellness | Kitsap Living

Massage therapist Michelle Clemens likes to compare the human body to a car. It’s an easy way to explain how “routine maintenance” needs to be… Continue reading

Get moving with the kids | Kitsap Living

OK. So it is cold outside. That doesn’t mean you and your children have to stay inside. There are plenty of winter-time outdoor activities for… Continue reading

Deliberate dining: Eating out doesn’t have to be a diet-breaker | Kitsap Living

Suzanne Martinsmith has a sure way to find a healthy place to take her family when they eat out. “Look for places that are home-owned,… Continue reading

Eating right: Make sure you stay healthy when you are dieting | Kitsap Living

It’s a big temptation, after eating yourself through the holidays, to want to crash diet. But nutritionists, including Anita Bermann of Bainbridge Island, say that… Continue reading

Bainbridge Barrecor studio marks two years

Business partners Emiliana Prado and Daniel De Bellis have many of the same members they did when they first opened Barrecor in January 2015. And… Continue reading