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House of Clowns | DICK POLMAN

It's well known that Kevin Spacey shadowed Kevin McCarthy before shooting "House of Cards." But if you're looking for cheap intrigue and craven dysfunction, skip Netflix and binge-watch the real thing: House of Clowns.

The Scandalous Suppression of Gun Violence Research | DICK POLMAN

In the midst of President Obama's denunciation of gun violence - if you've lost track, the latest massacre was on Friday - he lamented Washington's ongoing inertia and said that, in fact, "We have a Congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could potentially prevent gun deaths."

Clintons Remain Lucky to Have Such Hapless Enemies | DICK POLMAN

In Washington, every so often, a politician will stray from the standard spin and utter an accidental truth. On Fox News the other night, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy did so in spectacular fashion, momentarily forgetting that the GOP's endless Benghazi probe (a probe that's now longer in duration than the 1970s Watergate probe) is supposed to be spun as a search for truth, justice and the American way.

Dead Man Walker’s Urgent Plea to the GOP | DICK POLMAN

Nine weeks ago, when alleged conservative wunderkind Scott Walker was riding high, I rightly dismissed him as "a clueless newbie unfit to lead." But I never imagined that he'd suffer such a precipitous flameout.

Bernie Sends A Strong Message to Hillary | DICK POLMAN

Bernie Sanders, a non-observant Jew and self-described socialist, speaking to Christian-right students at Falwell-founded Liberty University... now there's a sight you don't see every day.

Fox News busts Dick Cheney | DICK POLMAN

I'd like to invite you to a barbecue with Dick Cheney as the main course.

Obama Haters’ Heads Detonate over ‘DenaliGate’ | DICK POLMAN

What could be more entertaining, on a hot summer day, than revisiting the American idiocracy, which is obsessed at the moment with the president's renaming of a mountain?

Will Joe Biden ‘Feel the Tingle?’ | DICK POLMAN

The latest Joe Biden speculation basically falls into two categories: He's leaning toward a presidential bid (unless he isn't), and he's a potentially formidable candidate (unless he isn't).

Planned Parenthood and the Queen of Hearts | DICK POLMAN

Everyone has a beef about "the media," and here's mine: We typically highlight accusations of wrongdoing, but we typically bury the news when it turns out that the doer did no wrong.

Trump to the Defense of Planned Parenthood? | DICK POLMAN

OK, maybe this is the incident that will reverse Donald Trump's meteoric rise.

Congress Too Gutless to Raise the Gas Tax | DICK POLMAN

If you want to see Washington in action - or, more precisely, Washington inaction - consider its latest wimpish response to our infrastructure crisis.

The War Against Planned Parenthood | DICK POLMAN

Whenever the Republicans target Planned Parenthood, I always remember what Jon Kyl said in the spring of 2011. Because the GOP senator's lie - and a spokesman's defense of that lie - nicely illustrates the party's eternally hostile attitude.

Scott Walker Versus Science | DICK POLMAN

Scott Walker, the alleged Wisconsin wunderkind and newly declared presidential candidate, was buried in the news last week by Donald Trump and the Iran nuclear deal. No biggie. He rebooted this week by pandering to the Republican voters who abhor actual science.

Scott Walker’s Delusion | DICK POLMAN

When I heard the news about the nuclear deal with Iran, I decided to seek out the sage wisdom of Scott Walker. Because surely, with his vast national security experience - fighting unionized workers, lobbying for a Milwaukee Bucks arena, running a state that ranks 38th in the nation in job creation - he would know what's best for America on the world stage.

Yet Another Right-Wing Obama Freakout | DICK POLMAN

Americans typically celebrate the Fourth of July with family, friends, fireworks, food, and flags. But alas, some people are incapable of swinging with the holiday spirit.