Tip was Right | Tom H. Hastings

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Bainbridge council picks Schneider as its newest council member

Leslie Schneider has been appointed to the Bainbridge Island City Council. The council held a special meeting before the start of its regular council session… Continue reading

Trump’s 65th week in office | In cartoons

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Bainbridge council picks finalists for vacant council seat

Five finalists have been picked for further consideration for the vacant seat on the Bainbridge Island City Council: Leslie Schneider, Nathan Daum, Mark Jordan, Monica… Continue reading

Money to spend | The Petri Dish

OLYMPIA — The state will expend a chunk of taxpayer dollars in the coming months searching for wolves in the south Cascades, assessing the need… Continue reading

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Candidate withdrawn from pool of applicants for Bainbridge council post

The field of candidates for the vacant Central Ward seat on the Bainbridge Island City Council has dropped from 11 to 10 after it was… Continue reading

Vacant Bainbridge council seat now has 11 applicants

Three more people have stepped forward as candidates for the vacant Central Ward seat on the Bainbridge Island City Council. The three new candidates means… Continue reading