Coming Apart? Maybe Not | Mel Gurtov

Day by day the Trump administration is coming apart. Revelations abound about the dysfunctions of the Trump team, about Trump’s ignorance and incompetence, and now… Continue reading

#StopKavanaugh protest held on Bainbridge

A crowd of nearly 50 activists gathered at Waypoint Park Sunday, joining thousands of others across the country in protest to #StopKavanaugh. The demonstrators said… Continue reading

Pre-Mourning Boosts Life Before Death | Peter Funt

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Reviving the Spirit of ’68 | Robert C. Koehler

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The Congressional Race that Trump is Sweating the Most

MT. LEBANON, PA. - Politics are on the menu here at The Coffee Tree Roasters. At a patio table early one sunny August morning in… Continue reading

Trump’s 83rd week in office | In cartoons

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All the President’s Con Men | Raging Moderate

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Bainbridge councilwoman files complaint with Ethics Board

Bainbridge Island Councilwoman Rasham Nassar has filed an ethics complaint against a local architect who volunteered to serve on the city’s Affordable Housing Task Force.… Continue reading

Democratic Diversity is Making America Great Again | Dick Polman

Let’s begin with a biographical sketch, a very 21st-century American dream. When David Hallquist was a child attending Catholic schools in Syracuse, New York, he… Continue reading

Lock him up! Lock him up! The Flipper regime | Tom H. Hastings

His karma is headed over the cliff. They are finding the witches, eh? Michael Cohen, his fixer lawyer, pleads out, flipping off Trump. His campaign… Continue reading

Recreating the Wilderness | Robert C. Koehler

The science gets ever more dire. The politics runs the other way. We’ve claimed hold of the planet, but cluelessly, like the sorcerer’s apprentice. Welcomed… Continue reading

Gov. Inslee on passing of Senator John McCain: Nation says goodbye ‘to one of its greatest heroes’

Gov. Jay Inslee issued the following statement following the news that Senator John McCain, Arizona’s senior Republican and the party’s 2008 nominee for president, passed… Continue reading

Senator Cantwell: McCain’s impact ‘will long be remembered’

U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) released the following statement on the passing of U.S. Senator John McCain on Saturday: “I am saddened to hear of… Continue reading

Sen. Patty Murray on death of John McCain: ‘The world lost a giant’

U.S. Senator John McCain was a “role model for respect, courage and the duty to something greater than oneself,” U.S. Senator Patty Murray said in… Continue reading

Senator John McCain: In Memory

Newspaper cartoonists from across the country penned tributes to U.S. Senator John McCain following his death Saturday at the age of 81. Contributing artists to… Continue reading

Expand, Don’t Restrict, Voters’ Access to the Polls | Lee H. Hamilton

There are times when I’m convinced the progress of this country can be measured through our ballot laws. Think about it. Over the course of… Continue reading

Supreme Court review is next | The Petri Dish

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Trump’s 82nd week in office | In cartoons

Week 82 in the White House for President Donald J. Trump, and the country was again reminded that “truth” is the enemy of the people.… Continue reading

Saving Democracy | Mel Gurtov

Writing on democracy, I’m reminded of a great old Stevie Wonder song, “Love’s in Need of Love Today.” Democracy is in need of love today:… Continue reading

Primary Election votes certified as final

Rep. Sherry Appleton is 23rd District leader in Position 1 race.