U.S. Iran Policy: What is Great? | Alex McDonald

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Lawsuits target constitutionality of voter-approved gun control measure in Washington state | 2019 Legislative Session

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Legislation on School Resource Officer training requirements pass Senate | 2019 Legislative Session

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House passes bill to eliminate philosophical or personal objection to vaccines | 2019 Legislative Session

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Brian Williams Earns His Way Back | Peter Funt

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Bainbridge city council upholds ethics complaint against Councilman Peltier

The Bainbridge city council has agreed with the opinion of its Ethics Board that Councilman Ron Peltier violated the city’s Code of Ethics when Peltier… Continue reading

Bill to require comprehensive sex education passes Senate | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA — The state Senate, in a party-line 28-21 vote, passed a bill last week that would require public schools to teach medically and scientifically… Continue reading

Inslee campaign for president hits $1 million milestone

Governor Jay Inslee has raised more than $1 million in contributions for his campaign for president. Inslee started his 2020 run Friday morning on YouTube… Continue reading

AG Ferguson responds to questions about gun control initiative | 2019 Legislative Session

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The Squirming Buddha | Robert C. Koehler

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Legislators get wheelie serious about motorized scooters | 2019 Legislative Session

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Senate Minority Leader alleges Dems illegally used state facilities for campaign training | 2010 Legislative Session

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