‘You Sit in a Corner and Pray You Don’t Get Shot’ | John L. Micek

SILVER SPRING TOWNSHIP, Pa. - When Maddie Levy saw the students fleeing Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., last month, she saw something… Continue reading

Washington becomes the fourth state to ban bump stocks | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A controversial gun control bill to ban bump stocks was signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee. SB 5922 passed both chambers in… Continue reading

Advocacy Billboards Spread Beyond ‘Missouri’ | Peter Funt

CHICAGO - Along Interstate 294 a billboard campaign was launched this week to educate people about the hijab headscarf that’s frequently worn by Muslim women.… Continue reading

Washington students urge lawmakers to pass gun regulations | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - More than 100 students from Seattle- and Olympia-area high schools rallied at the Capitol building in Olympia in support of gun legislation. They… Continue reading

Governor’s carbon tax proposal is dead in the state Legislature | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - An amended version of Governor Jay Inslee’s proposal to tax carbon emissions to fight climate change is effectively dead in the state Legislature.… Continue reading

Is Devin Nunes Just Dangerous, Or Is He Dirty As Well? | Blair Bess

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the unintelligent chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, continues to pose a clear and present danger to America.… Continue reading

GOP Bridal Remorse Over Marrying Trump | Raging Moderate

Like most arranged marriages, the blessed union between Donald Trump and the Republican Party turned stormy even before Ms. Daniels arrived on the scene. The… Continue reading

Trump Cannot Find Target or Solutions to Gun Violence | Wim Laven

In marksmanship and long-range shooting, “finding target” references the challenges of making adjustments for many factors. Another shooting, and again Donald Trump completely misses the… Continue reading

Trump’s 58th week in office | In cartoons

The White House announced this week it was losing Hope. It joined much of the rest of the United States, which has been searching for… Continue reading

Media Struggle When Trump Actually Makes News | Peter Funt

The Trump Administration’s efforts to make policy and govern while also dealing with its own internal West Wing drama has news media careening, almost daily,… Continue reading

Phones Don’t Kill People, People Kill People | Blair Bess

Emotionally-charged responses to the recent shooting in Parkland have demonstrated how polarized Americans are over gun control. Emails have poured in from people on both… Continue reading

President Trump is Coming For Your Guns | Dick Polman

The gun lobby has long stoked its constituents with the nightmare scenario of a president who’d swipe their God-given right to own weapons. The NRA… Continue reading

Lawmakers introduce a provision to allow concealed firearms on school campuses | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Republican lawmakers introduced a bill that would allow school administrators, and in some cases teachers, to carry firearms in Washington state classrooms. Conversation… Continue reading

Voluntary waiver of firearm rights is close to becoming law | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A bill that would allow people at risk of suicide to voluntarily give up their gun rights passed the House of Representatives by… Continue reading

Taxes, guns among topics at town hall with 23rd District lawmakers

POULSBO — Questions at the 23rd District state legislators’ Town Hall meeting Feb. 17 ran the gamut from “Why do we have to pay taxes?”… Continue reading

Melting the Ice in the Human Heart | Robert C. Koehler

How close, how intimate, have you ever gotten with Greenland? A new documentary called Stella Polaris, directed by Yatri Niehaus — part of Chicago’s 10th… Continue reading

Duck and Cover | Winslow Myers

Once those articulate Florida high school students, God love them, are finished exposing the craven emptiness of politicians like Marco Rubio and others subverted by… Continue reading

Governor vetoes controversial public records bill | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - In a down-to-the-wire decision, Governor Jay Inslee vetoed a controversial bill that would have immediately exempted the state Legislature from public disclosure law… Continue reading

UPDATE | 23rd District lawmakers were among those asking for Inslee veto

All three lawmakers from the 23rd District were among the members of the Washington State Legislature who asked Gov. Jay Inslee Thursday to veto a… Continue reading

23rd District lawmakers were among those asking for Inslee veto | 2018 Legislative Session

All three lawmakers from the 23rd District were among the members of the Washington State Legislature who asked Gov. Jay Inslee Thursday to veto a… Continue reading