League hosts voters forum

The League of Women Voters of Kitsap will host a series of public forums featuring candidates who will be on the ballot for the Primary… Continue reading

An Ambien Thunderdome | Raging Moderate

If the first round of Democratic Party debates were distilled into five words or less, it would be “pass the No-Doz please.” Vini, vici, dormeo.… Continue reading

The Trump Way of War | Mel Gurtov

Notice how similar are the Trump administration’s interactions with Iran and North Korea? The pattern in both cases is dangerous, ill-informed, and bound to fail.… Continue reading

Getting Congress Back on Track | Lee H. Hamilton

The other day, someone I’ve known for years offered a pointed bit of criticism. “It’s easy for people like you to make long lists of… Continue reading

Trouble at the Border | Robert C. Koehler

Yes, we have a serious problem at the border — indeed, at every border we create and defend with force of arms and bureaucratic indifference.… Continue reading

Trump-Kim III: Making History Without Making Progress? | Mel Gurtov

Taking a few steps onto North Korean soil, and posing for pictures with a friendly dictator, seem to fit Trump-era diplomacy better than a carefully… Continue reading

Oddo has lead in pursuit of campaign contributions for Bainbridge Island City Council

The two candidates hoping to replace Ron Peltier on the Bainbridge Island City Council have already raised a combined total of more than $20,000, according… Continue reading

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Abolish Private Health Insurance. Uh Oh. | Dick Polman

Is it possible to pluck one newsworthy moment from Wednesday night’s cacophonous 10-contestant Democratic quiz show? You bet. Here we go: Moderator Lester Holt asked,… Continue reading

An honorable course in Iran: End sanctions, resume dialogue | Kathy Kelly

The greatest outlier in terms of possessing nuclear weapons is the U.S. Last week, Elham Pourtaher, an Iranian graduate student at the State University of… Continue reading

Trump’s Ministry of No Information | John LaForge

The Trump administration has halted, without explanation, the routine practice of reporting the current number of nuclear weapons in the U.S. arsenal, the AP and… Continue reading

Trump’s 125th week in office | In cartoons

The countdown continues. Our cartoon chronicle of the 45th president continues with a look back at President Donald J. Trump’s 125th week in the White… Continue reading

Revisiting morality in the Age of Dishonesty | Wim Laven

If Donald Trump actually follows through on his recently tweeted promise that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “will begin deporting the millions of illegal aliens… Continue reading

NBC’s Debatable Debate Coverage | Peter Funt

Among the losers in the Democrats’ opening presidential debate was NBC News. Faced with an unmanageable number of candidates, an awkward format, and miscast moderators… Continue reading

Biden’s Busing Snafu Has Me Thinking of Ted Little | John L. Micek

When Ted Little and I met for the first time, we were both eight years old, in the third grade and sitting a few desks… Continue reading

A Rash of Lies | Raging Moderate

President Trump has been called many things. A short-fingered vulgarian. Mister Misdirection. The Cheater-in-Chief. Vlad’s ventriloquist dummy. Boss Tweet. Herr Gropenfuhrer. The Oval Office Oompa… Continue reading

Trump’s 124th week in office | In cartoons

Our cartoon chronicle of the 45th president continues with a look back at President Donald J. Trump’s 124th week in the White House. God save… Continue reading

Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Faces Major Problems | John L. Micek

If you cover enough of President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies — and I’ve covered a bunch — you know you can count on a few… Continue reading

Rethinking Reparations | Tom H. Hastings

Aaron Campbell was young, black, unarmed, and suffered from mental illness, exacerbated by his brother’s death that day from kidney failure. He was distraught, of… Continue reading

I’m Sorry Joe Biden Sends So Many Emails | Peter Funt

Silly me. I thought one advantage of having a 76-year-old Democrat running for president is that his campaign would be refreshingly old school: a few… Continue reading

How Long Can the Federal Debt Keep Rising? | Lee H. Hamilton

A few months ago, the federal debt we have accumulated over the past decades crossed the $22 trillion mark. That’s a record. And it’s surely… Continue reading