More ward meetings planned for Bainbridge council

Members of the Bainbridge Island City Council will meet with their constituents at two more council ward meetings this month. The Central Ward meeting will… Continue reading

Oval Office Apprentice | Raging Moderate

President Donald Trump has failed at many endeavors: casinos, airlines, universities, steaks, wine, vodka, board games, two marriages, armed forces physicals, White House Communications Department… Continue reading

It’s Not Always All About Trump | Kevin Martin

John Bolton and Mike Pence must have known what they were doing. President Trump’s national security adviser and Vice President could not have been oblivious… Continue reading

In Iran and North Korea, China Holds Some Cards | Mel Gurtov

Donald Trump made his television reputation by telling people “You’re fired.” The same bullying approach now substitutes for his international diplomacy, with Trump’s withdrawal from… Continue reading

Crazy Rudy’s Full Court Press | Blair Bess

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Trump’s 70th week in office | In cartoons

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Trump’s 69th week in office | In cartoons

Our cartoon chronicle of the 45th president continues with a look back and the humorous — and horrifying — toons of Trump’s 69th week of… Continue reading

Sadly, Roseanne is a Victim to Some | John L. Micek

Words matter. What we say to each other, how we treat each other matters. There are basic norms of civilized behavior, outside the realm of… Continue reading

Raising boys to love and care, not kill | Rob Okun

Heart contracts; numbness and tears collide. Ten dead, 13 wounded; this time in Santa Fe. If we’re ever to end the bloodbaths, we have to… Continue reading

The American Way of War: Evolution Stops Here | Robert C. Koehler

America does what it wants. This is obvious, except it’s also monstrously unnerving. Let’s at least add some quote marks: “America” does what it wants… Continue reading

Big Man politics, Africa to America | Tom H. Hastings

We in the civilized, modern, savvy, worldly, urbane part of the world scoff and pity the poor African countries that can’t seem to move past… Continue reading

Hansen chosen Legislator of the Year by the Washington Student Association

Washington state’s largest higher education advocacy group, the Washington Student Association, recently named Rep. Drew Hansen its 2018 Legislator of the Year. The organization, which… Continue reading

A slow-motion beginning | The Petri Dish

A bunch of folks at the William D. Ruckelshaus Center are waiting to help bring about detente in the public records battle between lawmakers and… Continue reading

Trump’s Hair: An Analysis | Raging Moderate

Many readers have protested this column’s tiresome history of taking cheap shots at the expense of our 45th President. So today we reverse that distressing… Continue reading

North Ward meeting is Saturday

Three members of the Bainbridge Island City Council will meet with residents of the island’s North Ward this Saturday in Seabold. North Ward representatives Mayor… Continue reading

Empowering Kids Instead of Arming Them | Robert C. Koehler

Let’s open the classroom doors — all of them. Open up the schools, open up America, looking for the lost souls. “Woo hoo!” he shouted… Continue reading

Who Is Kim Yong-chol? | Mel Gurtov

General Kim Yong-chol is arriving in New York to discuss North Korea’s denuclearization with top U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo whom Kim… Continue reading

Once Again, Trump Goes After His Own Voters | John L. Micek

In the great din and clatter in our nationwide argument over abortion, it’s always struck me that the warring sides actually agree on a couple… Continue reading

Four Reasons Democrats Could Lose the Congressional Midterms | Dick Polman

Election Day is nearly six months away, and conventional wisdom decrees that Democrats will surf a blue wave and seize the House of Representatives. But… Continue reading

President, governor or retirement – only Inslee knows his plan | The Petri Dish

The political machinery of Jay Inslee is in pretty much full operation these days. And it’s stirred up a spew of speculation on what Washington’s… Continue reading