Wheeled drones may be coming to a sidewalk near you | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - The automation of life has increased significantly over the past decade. Smartphone, drones, artificial intelligence like as Alexa and Siri, and delivery services… Continue reading

Gov. Inslee signs first law of the year | 2019 Legislative Session

Washington Governor Jay Inslee signs the first bill of the 2019 Legislative Session at a ceremony in the State Reception Room on Monday, Feb. 4.… Continue reading

Peaceful Coexistence Should Be Taught in Schools | Matthew Johnson

As a former student and teacher in both private and public schools, I believe diversity and inclusion should be not only encouraged but also taught.… Continue reading

Jim Crow Jumps Into The Game | Robert C. Koehler

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On China, the US Public Stands Apart | Mel Gurtov

Why isn’t the American public as agitated about China as are the Trump administration, the mainstream media, and even many China specialists? In a recent… Continue reading

2019: The Year to Examine Toxic Masculinity | Laura Finley

Toxic masculinity strikes again, this time in Provo, Utah on the day of the 2019 Women’s March. Police were alerted to the problem when Christopher… Continue reading

Lawmakers propose limits on scope of Public Records Act for Legislature | 2019 Legislative Session

BY EMMY EPPERLY WNPA Olympia News Bureau OLYMPIA - Legislation proposed on the last day of January would largely exempt state legislators from the Public… Continue reading

Five Takeaways from the Farcical Trump Shutdown | Dick Polman

It’s morning in America. Air traffic controllers will get paid again to ensure our safety. Food inspectors will get paid again to stop the spread… Continue reading

Lawmakers aim to ‘ditch the switch’ on daylight saving | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA — Lawmakers are pushing for a bill to allow year-round observation of daylight saving time in the state of Washington, with the intention of… Continue reading

Texting motorists may face steep fines in school zones | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A proposed bill would double the fine for motorists caught using a cellphone in a school, playground or crosswalk speed zone to up… Continue reading

Donald Trump, the Teflon President | Blair Bess

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, New York mob boss John Gotti earned the nickname the “Teflon Don.” Despite numerous attempts to nail him, criminal… Continue reading

What Great Legislators Have in Common | Lee H. Hamilton

Each of the great politicians and legislators I’ve known over the course of my career in Congress was very different. They were masters of the… Continue reading

Eliminating gender requirements for political party positions topic of legislation | 2019 Legislative Session

BY EMMA EPPERLY WNPA Olympia News Bureau OLYMPIA - Major state political parties, like Republicans and Democrats, are required to elect one Committeeman and one… Continue reading

Years in the Making | The Petri Dish

In the next few days, state lawmakers will pass a bill to ensure that police are trained to use deadly force only when it’s unavoidable,… Continue reading

Kindergartners could be taking over the month of September | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - September could be declared as the month of the kindergartner, encouraging elementary schools to celebrate young students as they begin their lives in… Continue reading

Trump’s Crusade in Latin America | Mel Gurtov

What we are witnessing in Venezuela is a Latin America policy that draws from the Cold War and the era of U.S. interventions, when regard… Continue reading

Sen. Murray: ‘We need to get to work to clean up the mess that President Trump created’

Washington state’s senior U.S. senator said Congress has plenty of work to do following the end of the shutdown of the federal government. President Trump… Continue reading

Gov. Inslee on end of Trump shutdown: ‘Should have never happened’

Gov. Jay Inslee called the closing of the federal government “a reckless shutdown should have never happened” in a statement released Friday following the news… Continue reading

Congressman Kilmer: Federal government shutdown was ‘damaging and dumb’

U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer said federal workers were used as pawns during President Trump’s shutdown of the federal government over policy differences between the two… Continue reading

Lawmakers seek revisions to wrongful death and injury statutes | 2019 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A proposal prompted by the 2015 “Ride the Ducks” accident on the Aurora Bridge in Seattle came one step closer to becoming law… Continue reading