Something different in the air | The Petri Dish

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Washington’s Blame Game | Blair Bess

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Lawmakers consider a plan to help homeless college students | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A pilot project before lawmakers would provide funding for six college districts to provide services for homeless students. The plan requires the Washington… Continue reading

Bill to tax oil in pipelines, update state oil spill contingency plans advances in state Senate | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A bill that would tax oil in pipelines to fund oil spill prevention planning passed out of a state Senate committee — but… Continue reading

Bigfoot eludes state recognition yet again | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - The mythical Sasquatch, an integral piece of Pacific Northwest folklore, got another shot at recognition this year with a bill that would name… Continue reading

Bainbridge Island Republican Women welcome guest speaker at next meeting

Bainbridge Island Republican Women will meet at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 14 at Wing Point Golf & Country Club. Dee Drewry, the president of the… Continue reading

From Bipartisan to Treasonous | Raging Moderate

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Post-Truth and the Dreamers | Andrew Moss

“Post-truth is pre-fascism.” This statement closes one chapter of historian Timothy Snyder’s recent book, “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century.” Snyder wrote the… Continue reading

Inslee pushes back against offshore drilling in Washington | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Gov. Jay Inslee said he will resist any Trump Administration plan to develop offshore drilling in Washington state, in an attempt to protect… Continue reading

Poor posture: Trump’s nuclear doctrine resumes Cold War | Robert F. Dodge

While elected officials of our increasingly dysfunctional democracy debated “memogate,” the world became more dangerous as Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review was officially released on Friday,… Continue reading

Program before lawmakers could strengthen mental health crisis response | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A proposed pilot project would partner mental health professionals and local law enforcement officers on calls that involve a mental health crisis. HB… Continue reading

The Middle East Peace Process: A Cruel Joke | Mel Gurtov

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Trump’s 54th week in office | In cartoons

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Washington health insurance market in flux | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Washington state’s health insurance market is increasingly volatile. While the number of people without insurance has decreased every year since 2013, monthly premium… Continue reading

Republican lawmakers call for further car tab tax reductions, transit authority accountability | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - On the heels of the state House approved bill to reduce car tab taxes, Sen. Steve O’Ban, R–University Place, and Rep. Mark Harmsworth,… Continue reading

Yemen’s crisis belong to all of us | Robert C. Koehler

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Proposed law would make tampons and pads free for community college students | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Amid national and state-wide awareness of women’s healthcare, Washington state lawmakers are considering a bill that would require community and technical colleges to… Continue reading

Carbon tax plan advances in the state Senate | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A tax on carbon emissions proposed by Governor Jay Inslee has taken a big step forward. On Feb. 1, the state Senate Energy,… Continue reading

Exclusive: Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Speech | Peter Funt

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, the First Lady of the United States and my fellow Americans: Last year’s State of the Union… Continue reading

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