Spartans stomp Bishop Blanchet

  • Tuesday, January 16, 2018 11:52am
  • Sports

SEATTLE – The Spartans beat the Braves in varsity boys swimming and diving late last week at Queen Anne Pool.

Bainbridge bested Bishop Blanchet 99-87.

The Spartans swam to first in the 200-yard medley relay, the 200-yard freestyle, the 200-yard individual medley, the 50-yard freestyle, and the 100-yard butterfly.

BHS also placed first in the 200-yard freestyle relay and the 100-yard backstroke, and won the 1-meter diving event.

Bishop Blanchet vs Bainbridge Results


First: Bainbridge A, 1:40.11

(Andrew Witty, Carter Hall, Makai Ingalls, Kevin Houseman)

Second: Bishop Blanchet A, 1:42.58

(Alexander Oishi, Jack Schrader, Evan Zverev, Ryan Gamble)

Third: Bainbridge B, 1:45.19

(Ian Lipton, Max Eyrich, Will Thompson, Jude Wenker)

Fourth: Bishop Blanchet B, 1:49.39

(Owen Heffernan, Ben Culala, Caleb Akiyama, Jack Burns)


First: Jude Wenker, Bainbridge, 1:48.25

Second: Michael Lin, Bishop Blanchet, 1:52.68

Third: Paul Codd, Bishop Blanchet, 1:58.23

Fourth: Evan Martin, Bishop Blanchet, 2:05.55

Fifth: Clay Jablonski, Bainbridge, 2:09.49

Sixth: Ian Costin, Bainbridge, 2:20.09


First: Tyler Stewart, Bainbridge, 2:08.57

Second: Ryan Gamble, Bishop Blanchet, 2:09.94

Third: Sam Chapman, Bainbridge, 2:11.54

Fourth: Evan Zverev, Bishop Blanchet, 2:13.39

Fifth: Owen Heffernan, Bishop Blanchet, 2:14.20

Sixth: Guy Weibel, Bainbridge, 2:36.50


First: Makai Ingalls, Bainbridge, 22.29

Second: Jack Schrader, Bishop Blanchet, 23.02

Third: Kevin Houseman, Bainbridge, 23.13

Fourth: Jack Burns, Bishop Blanchet, 23.91

Fifth: Will Thompson, Bainbridge, 24.38

Sixth: Jack Heffernan, Bishop Blanchet, 25.22


First: Kiernan Liberman, Bainbridge, 222.05

Second: Brian Taylor, Bainbridge, 217.95

Third: Guy Weibel, Bainbridge, 137.45

Fourth: Ben Ryan, Bishop Blanchet, 65.80

Fifth: Evan Martin, Bishop Blanchet, 57.70


First: Jude Wenker, Bainbridge, 53.44

Second: Evan Zverev, Bishop Blanchet, 55.02

Third: Andrew Witty, Bainbridge, 56.39

Fourth: Alexander Oishi, Bishop Blanchet, 59.63

Fifth: Ian Lipton, Bainbridge, 1:01.08

Sixth: Caleb Akiyama, Bishop Blanchet, 1:03.18


First: Ryan Gamble, Bishop Blanchet, 50.76

Second: Michael Martin, Bishop Blanchet, 53.85

Third: Carter Hall, Bainbridge, 55.42

Fourth: Max Eyrich, Bainbridge, 56.68

Fifth: Ben Culala, Bishop Blanchet, 57.57

Sixth: Ian Costin, Bainbridge, 1:01.36


First: Michael Lin, Bishop Blanchet, 5:02.25

Second: Sam Chapman, Bainbridge, 5:07.42

Third: Paul Codd, Bishop Blanchet, 5:35.73

Fourth: John Velisaris, Bainbridge, 6:05.27

Fifth: Henri Coronado-Volta, Bishop Blanchet, 6:08.56

Sixth: Jack Bullock, Bainbridge, 6:50.67


First: Bainbridge A, 1:30.77

(Jude Wenker, Kevin Houseman, Andrew Witty, Makai Ingalls)

Second: Bishop Blanchet, A 1:35.57

(Jack Burns, Evan Zverev, Paul Codd, Michael Lin)

Third: Bainbridge B, 1:43.48

(Max Eyrich, Will Thompson, Ben Chapman, Ian Lipton)

Fourth: Bishop Blanchet B, 1:44.73

(Jack Heffernan, Evan Martin, Caleb Akiyama, Daniel Deubler)


First: Makai Ingalls, Bainbridge, 55.10

Second: Owen Heffernan, Bishop Blanchet, 1:01.25

Third: Alexander Oishi, Bishop Blanchet, 1:01.50

Fourth: Tyler Stewart, Bainbridge, 1:06.71

Fifth: Michael Martin, Bishop Blanchet, 1:07.95

Sixth: Ben Chapman, Bainbridge, 1:08.60


First: Jack Schrader, Bishop Blanchet, 1:01.95

Second: Carter Hall, Bainbridge, 1:04.30

Third: Ben Culala, Bishop Blanchet, 1:05.04

Fourth: Max Eyrich, Bainbridge, 1:06.04

Fifth: John Velisaris, Bainbridge, 1:09.57


First: Bishop Blanchet A, 3:24.56

(Michael Lin, Alexander Oishi, Ryan Gamble, Jack Schrader,)

Second: Bainbridge A, 3:32.04

(Kevin Houseman, Sam Chapman, Will Thompson, Andrew Witty)

Third: Bishop Blanchet B, 3:43.64

(Evan Martin, Paul Codd, Michael Martin, Owen Heffernan)

Fourth: Bainbridge B, 3:46.89

(Tyler Stewart, Clay Jablonski, Ian Costin, John Velisaris)

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